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January 29, 2009

Parcells in Tampa as promotions man

During the week of the Super Bowl it seems every player is hanging around in the city hawking some product.

Add the great Bill Parcells to that list. The Miami Dolphins boss man will be in Tampa on Friday as a pitch man for Gatorade (remember that cool commerical he did with the Trinity Trojans when he was in Dallas?). Bill must be re-engerized by the South Florida sun these days.

Don't forget Parcells made Gatorade baths famous on the sidelines.

Parcells was also hanging out in Mobile, Ala. last week at the Senior Bowl. He hadn't been seen at the Senior Bowl in several years.

- Rick Herrin


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Darn it Bill, we don't need any celebrity General Managers......{lol}

if the cowboys have to make a coaching change in 2010, jerry should hire the dolphins secondary coach, todd bowles, who was the cowboys secondary coach under the tuna when parcells was in dallas. bowles would bring back that tuna mentality and accountability and responsibility in the lockerroom and on the field and the stupid stuff would be elimnated with todd at the helm. jerry don't bring back a re-tread, think outside the box for a change.

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