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January 01, 2009

Rams Interested in Sherman

The St. Louis Rams have requested to interview Cowboys receivers coach Ray Sherman, according to a source.
Sherman has been with the Cowboys for the past two seasons, and has drawn good reviews for his ability to work with Terrell Owens and others throughout his career. He has been an offensive coordinator with the Vikings and Steelers.
The Rams are coming off a 2-14 season.
Sherman is the second Cowboys assistant to draw interest from other NFL teams for head coaching vacancies. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is expected to interview with the Lions soon.

- Mac Engel


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i betcha the cowboy player see this double standard, the media was all over brian steward, forcing coach cupcake to do the obivious, take over the play-calling. no peep out of the media with the RHG's poor play-calling or lack of play-calling experience (sparano saved his butt in 2007 season), that was exposed. the media rather make TO the scapegoat and give the RHG a pass, because TO went public and complained about the offensive scheme. Deion had been complaining on NFL network after the bengals game in week 4 that maybe the nfl defensive coordinators had caught up with the RHG's offensive scheme, then deshown townsend and ray lewis let the cat out of the bag that their defensive coordinator knew the cowboys offensive formation (steelers) and the offense was vanilla (ravens. it was not until romo made it public about the almost 4 quarters to adjust to the ravens defense and the scheme was exposed by the iggles defense that the media finally was force to put the spotlight on the RHG. therefore a web site was created to axe the RHG that is picking up steam. now jerry (the good ole boy system) is picking up the phone to try get it boy interviews to give the perception that the RHG is still a hot commodity; so that the sheep (cowboy fans) will continue to support his (jerry) agenda. Well jerry guess what it's not going to work and the fans know that you will not admit a mistake (wayne huizenga laughing all the way to the bank in allowing you to promote a quarterback coach to offensive coordinator without play-calling experience-it appears that the gamble has lost it glitter). if that was ray sherman at offensive coordinator he would have gotten the pink slip no doubt about it. the good ole boy system in the nfl is alive and well. the steelers took tony dungy's advice an look at what mike tomlin is doing for the steelers even though if you look closely, dick le beau is still in charge of the defense and bruce arlans is still in charge of the offense; dungy in charge of the defense but had to keep tom moore in charge of the offense for the colts (manning). it's all a charade, obama president but (clinton administration majority of the appointees), the more things change the more they stay the same, the institution (foundation) is not destroy only the face of the institution change but the system will forever remain.

I highly recommend Garrett to go to the Lions. Please do!

Now watch Ray Sherman go somewhere and look like a great coach. So many of the so called football experts just want to keep on recycling the same "ole good ole boys" leaving the Ray Shermans of the world floating around from team to team. A true reflection of the everyday workforce. We were so quick to call Jason Garrett a genius and a great offensive mind after only a couple of years as a qb coach and one year as coordinator. Now look at him now. His players say that he do not know how to make offensive adjustments in his play calling and the defensives caught up with him huh. Basic fundemental football adjustments... He sounds like another Mike Martz to me. I wonder if this is Ray Sherman's first head coaching interview after at least a decade in the league as a coach or is this the doing of the "Rooney Rule". Owners such as Jerry Jones and others like him need to get out of their good ole boy comfort zone and give the non sexy pick, hard working, younger coaches that happen to be of color an opportunity. As long as the same head coaches keep getting new opportunities one after the other the teams like Dallas needs to keep getting what they been getting. FAILURE... The Steelers went out on limb and hired a Mike Tomlin. Nobody knew who this guy was and look at the Steelers. Them Boys play hard every weekend win lose or draw. Go outside of the rim of the names of the head coaching circle and I guarantee you that there are other gems out there just like him waiting for that opportunity to put their great coaching skills on display for the world to see. This bothers me because I love the Cowboys, but in my heart of hearts I know Jerry is another power that be that so many of my color find hard to obtain an equal opportunity working with. Dallas is not going nowhere next year as well because they have a lame duck coach and a stubborn inexperienced play caller. They will tune Wade Phillips out next year as well. These guys are millionaires and need someone to light a fire under their asses and know how to bring a strong tight knit family atmosphere in that locker room. His new deamoner will not be respected next year because will view him as a fake in which they will lose even more respect for him. The Dallas Cowboys has become the butt of all jokes football in the NFL. Never in my life have a seen a team with so many highly paid players fail so badly and coach survive a firing. Then to make matters worse he wait to the final game of the year to announce that he will now be a hard ass to keep control of the team. Ha ha ha... The dumb cupcake had to wait to the final game of the year to act on soap opera now. Too late now Gomer Pyle. Should had seen that that was coming 2 months ago. Just another reason that his ass would have been fired if he was not really good ole boy.

sherman needs to have his job duties expanded to assisting the "chosen one" in his game planning and in game adjustments. sherman has playcalling experience as a offensive coordniator in minnesota and pittsburgh. opps! i forgot that would be steeping on jerry's toes and jerry would be unofficially admitting to a mistake of hiring a quarterback coach who had no playcalling experience to the position of offensive coordinator. everybody in cowboys fannation knows tha sparano help the "chosen one" look good last year; this year the intership backfired because the offense was very vanilla (aka ray lewis, deshown towsand, deion, TO and romo).

Take TO with you!!!

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