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January 27, 2009

Report has Reeves discussing consultant's role with Cowboys

ESPN.com's Chris Mortensen cites sources in reporting that former NFL coach Dan Reeves, 65, has been in discussions with the Dallas Cowboys about a consultant's role. Reeves' Cowboys roots are deep; he was a player (1965-72) and assistant coach (1972-80) under Tom Landry.

According to ESPN:

 "Reeves recently interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers about the offensive coordinator's job but a 49ers source said Monday that Reeves informed them he likely would be taking a consultant position with the Cowboys. Reeves could not be reached for comment. A Cowboys spokesman said he had no information about Reeves joining the organization."

Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips was an assistant under Reeves on the staffs of the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons and each time Phillips succeeded Reeves as head coach after Reeves was dismissed. In Phillips' final news conference of the season the day after a 44-6 Cowboys loss to Philadelphia, Phillips mentioned Reeves as a former coach he would seek advice from in the off-season as he evaluated his coaching methods.

Joe DeCamillis, who is married to Reeves' oldest daughter, Dana, was recently hired by the Cowboys as special teams coach. DeCamillis worked on Reeves' staffs with the New York Giants and the Falcons.

Reeves' interview for the 49ers offensive coordinator position sparked an Internet report that the Niners somehow might be angling to look at Michael Vick, who under Reeves in 2002 guided the Falcons to the second round of the NFL playoffs and who could be released from prison this summer. The San Jose Mercury News reported that an NFL source dismissed that notion, saying "there was nothing to it."


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"it's all part of the plan"

Dan can't fix Jerry.

what is the deal with fair weather fans? why don't you all get the money together to buy a team, make it a successful unit, and do all the things you feel the COWBOYS-Jerry Jones isn't! If you tired find another team!
There are 32 teams in the NFL, how many of them have seen nearly the success of the COWBOYS? How many of them have even had a team that resembles the COWBOYS?
Furthermore, you can blame everything on Wade, Jerry Jones, the system, but the brunt of all the issues, revolves around the team....Arizona bought into what Whisenhunt was cooking, but in the end, it is the players that make those ingredients look so good! so before you go bashing what Wade is doing, let's keep in mind, all the blown coverages, misguided balls, and bad plays, are results of the players!
This team needs someone like Reeves, someone that will come in, and again, get the players to buy into what Wade is cooking, get them to committ to it, and work together as a unit!
This team with WADE is not far from their goals, and believe it or not, this season will bring this team together...no one likes to loose, and no team likes being the laughing stalk of the league! I feel you will be surprised at how WADE manages to get things going, let's remember his record....22-10-0...that's two years, no look at the Raiders, Cheifs, 49's, or any of those units, and tell me that isn't worth something!
so fair weather fans, get a grip...not everyone can make it to the playoffs, let alone the champiionship...we can't afford to keep changing the guard, we have to make what we have work...now my faith won't last much longer either...we have to get it done...but i am not going to go awall on the team because Jerry Jones (who has been at this long enough to know a thing or two about winning) isn't listening to you or I for that matter!
Get a grip!

Oh great, more band-aids.

Reeves as head coach and Wade as Defensive coordinator. I willbuy that for one more season. Anything else is not worth trying. What authority does a consultant have in running the team or bringing decipline to a team?

Dangerous Dan Reeves is a well respected football guy. He did a pretty good job with the Falcons and was at least respectable in his jaunts elsewhere. However, Dallas needs to get rid of Fatso, he has not enjoyed any meaningful success what so ever as a head coach and will unlikely achieve success next season. That Fatso plans to use Dangerous Dan Reeves as one of his "consultants" is a joke. The Question is thus: Why is Jones hanging onto a dead-duck slobbbb??? Are you stupid Jones, or are you blind??? Jones, for the umpteenth time: Get a PROPER HEAD COACH IN PLACE AND DO IT NOW. Hanging onto dead-duck Fatso for another season is just masochism at the highest level. Jones, are you not sick of feeling sick???. Do you know what genuine thrills mean anymore??? For the final time Jones: Are you senile, or just stupid!!!!

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