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January 21, 2009

Rosenhaus gets huffy with questions about T.O.

Actually, I was waiting on "Next question" at some point.

Finally found Terrell Owens' super agent Drew Rosenhaus here at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. He's a great find right now because of his most controversial client. But he didn't want to address Owens either. That sounds familiar, never does Jerry Jones.

Rosenhaus even became a little huffy with repeated questions about his lightning rod receiver.

Recently, Rosenhaus did a radio interview and shot down the possibility of Owens being released this offseason. So, he believes he has said all he needs to say. Here's the brief interview with Rosenhaus.

(What has T.O.'s reaction been to speculation he might get released?)

Rosenhaus: "I am not really interested in expanding on that. I already said what I've had to say about that."

(And you said that he's not going anywhere, right?)

Rosenhaus: "My last comments...I just don't want to add to what I think is a non-story."

(Does it bother you this is a story every offseason?)

Rosenhaus: "I would just say right now, I have pretty much said all I would like to say about that topic."

(Is Owens bothered by the speculation the Cowboys might release him?)

Rosenhaus: "Here's my thing. I don't know how many different ways I've got to tell you. But I am not going to expound on the topic, or expand, or whatever."

- Rick Herrin



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everybody is under damage control, except ESPN who loves to keep a good cowboys story on the front burner, its sell ads and sponsorship loves a gossip, people will turn in like sheep, therefore ratings and adverstising increases because of the curiousity.

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