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January 30, 2009

Roy Williams talks about frustration

Cowboys receiver Roy Williams was on Galloway & Co. on ESPN 103.3 FM this afternoon after telling a Washington, D.C., station earlier that he didn't think he was used correctly last season in Jason Garrett's offense.

Williams said a player can't contribute if "you're not put in the situation to win. "When you're running the same route every game, and not being able to move, and not being a part of the offense, that's pretty much why you didn't see much from myself in nine, 10 ball games. That's why I had 19 catches."

He said his motivation for going public about the offensive problems, "I'd just like to be more involved in the offense. I know we have so much talent across the board. But after a while a team starts to pick up on it as [Baltimore Ravens linebacker] Ray Lewis said after he got done playing us, that  we had the easiest offense to figure out.

"But if we can move people around and use people that they don't think will get the ball because they've watched film for the last three or four weeks  .. that could throw them for a loop."

As far as accepting blame for his own lack of production, he said, "I'm a coachable wide receiver, I'll run what I'm supposed to run, I'll continue to have cornerbacks ask me, 'Why they got you running the same thing over and over again.' "

In fact, he said he "only ran one or two routes the entire season" and didn't run a slant route until the Philadelphia game.

He said Garrett "is a good coordinator."

And he wanted to clear up that he wasn't part of the wide receiver criticism of Tony Romo or Jason Witten. When he met privately with Garrett, "I didn't say anything about any other player. I talked about what can I do to get involved in this offense. I didn't talk to Witten or Romo, I didn't talk to anybody."

Practice with his former team, the Detroit Lions, was more uptempo. He said when he got to the Cowboys he would run down field in practice to block for the receiver who had been thrown to, but he noticed the other receivers weren't doing the same. So he stopped doing that after a week or two. But this year, "I'm going to continue to do that. Hopefully, someone will figure out what I'm doing and follow my footsteps."

He also spoke of practice habits and being criticized for running poor routes by Troy Aikman. Listen to the podcast here.


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hey it's all about perception and right now the media and those who have their heads up their collective butts are looking at the situation in denial. right now the perception is that garrett is the good guy and can't do no wrong and is covered with teflon while TO or anybody that expose the genius for what he is not or perceived as the villian and have issues and needs to be expunged from the cowboys, simply because they bring light to touch situation at valley ranch.

all i am saying is that sparano protected garrett's backside in 2007, when sparano left, garrett was exposed not only by TO, but others notice garretts inexperience, deion on nfl network after the first deadskins game and throughout the season, deshea townsend of the pittsburgh steelers about dick lebeau knowing the formation the cowboys would be in prior to intercepting romo's pass for the game winning td for the super bowl champion steelers, figuring almsot 4 quarters against the ravens and the lack of in-game adjustments to put the players in possiton to be successful in the iggles game. yea the player do need to excute the plays that are called, but if u are running the same plays game after game the defensive will catch on and anticipate which is what happen, garrett never mixed it up. plus if garrett is suppose to be this genius, why was not felix jones utillize in the deadskins game, why austin was not used in the slot more, why did it take an injury to barber to realize that choice could have made an earlier impact on the offense with his running, why was barber not regulated to his old role playing position of coming off the bench and close in the 4th quarter? plus if garrett is the genius he is suppose to be, why did he not gather ALL the offensive skill players in a room at let them know what he expects from them and what they're role are on offense, to snap any backbitting in the bud. Nope what garrett did was talk to the player individually, which does not solve anything when there is a dispute on regarding the effectiveness of the offense. Therefore TO goes public because the vanilla offense is plain, then everybody and the media misunderstands what TO is doing an perceive it to be a rebellious individual and u have espn putting gasoline on it by bring up the 49'ers and the iggles situation, which by the way was both about contractual issues , that was covered by the collective bargaining agreement. not behavioal issues that espn what's us to beleive and when TO is on the sideline is upset because he want to win. look at the 2007 season not a peep out of TO because the cowboys was winning. but because he states that the genius offense is vanilla, the witch hunt has begun. Uno was only confriming what TO had been saying all along. Sometime u have to go pubice to get something wrong corrected or put enough attention on the problem to get it solved. who to say that TO tried to get garrett to have a meeting with all the offensive skill players and garrett turn him down giving TO no choice but to go public, when the issue still existed.

T.O. is a problem for the Cowboys. It's not imagined. Aren't you supposed to get wiser with age? T.O. is definitely an exception to the rule. He has pulled the same stunt with two other teams. And he never seems to learn.
If he has a problem with his offensive coordinator, quarterback or anybody else he calls a teammate, he should talk to them man to man. But he doesn't, he runs to the media and tells them about it. I would say the whole team needs to learn that lesson. However, they aren't acting or playing like a team.
All of them need to quit doing interviews and focus on how they can improve. F the media! They're looking for a story and always will be.

In my opinion i believe both derrick and catfish are right to an extent. Yeah the RHG had a horrible season as offensive coordinator, but doesnt anyone remember 2007, i mean look at the great season they had and you'll see how good RHG can be, if you've played sports all your life..like alot of people have.. you'll know that its not just one person.. think about it Garrett calls the play, the offense has to excute, plain and simple, the offense didnt excute..fumbles, interceptions, no blocking(without blocking the offense cant do anything, doesnt matter if you have TO, Romo, Barber or Roy Williams out on the field) and doesnt anyone freaking remember the injuries this team had..i dont care who you are, if you have injuries its hard to win, what you have is a few guys on the offensive side who think they're bigger than the team... go back and look at some of the games and you'll see TO, Crayton and other receivers dropping passes on crucial downs, why do you think Romo throws to Witten, because HE CATCHES THE DAMM BALL! The defense is as solid as i've seen in a long time, im a die hard cowboys fan and always will be and i will continue to believe in the Cowboys but guys have to be accountable for what they do and dont do... Although i understand what point your trying to get at, derrick and catfish..dont talk about things that MIGHT be happening out at valley ranch, if your a real sports fan you'll know not to buy into the media crap.. Look at whats going on on the field and you'll find your problems, just watching on sundays you can see there is no hustle, no guts, no passion, no accountability, and remember this... the day they Dallas Cowboys become a team is the day they will start to win..enough said!

i have to agree with derrick on this one, most cowboys fans would agree with derrick too, if they would just get their heads out of their collective butts and see the real picture instead of out of rose colored glasses. as long as the RGH is on the coaching staff the problem will still exist, getting rid of TO is not the problem, but that appears to be a moot point now, tha glazer and shaftler have let the cat out of the bag of the TO issue. a team can not win if there is a double standard, and jerry is allowing the double standard to exist because jerry will not admit he made a mistake in hiring the RHG in the first place, therefore others get to feel the wrath of the media witch hunt (aka pacman, tank, TO, brian stewart all black athlete's /coach giving a negative perception by the media); brady james made it as clear as day that stewart was not the problem, yet he was given the pink slip after jerry said the coaching staff in place; stewarts resume was the same as the RHG, yet the RHG gets to stay, simply because of the good ole boys system. All u status quo people times have change u can no longer get away with using people as scapegoats to maintain the good ole boy system, too many people are losing their jobs, homes, families behind the good ole boy system, it's a sham that the more things change the more things remain the same. Uno williams gave it straight to randy galloway and galloway still could not accept the truth, both galloway and engles and those like them or in denial and can not accept that one of their own is not a genius but incompentant; sparano made the RHG look good last year without sparano the RHG was exposed, that why jerry is bring in dan reeves to help assist the RHG on his internship, it's as clear as day. when player after player keep saying the samething it's clear what the problem is with the cowboy. yet listen too some of the local media who feeds the national media the crap that the perception is TO is the problem and not the RHG whos birthright is been threated because of TO frustation with the offensive scheme and with TO gone that will solve the problem. The media wants everybody think its TO but when it thrown back into their face that it's the RHG, the media can't drink the kool aid, especially galloway and engles. the truth hurts so accepted Uno was just reapeating what every player in the nfl knows regarding the so call genius. yet pacman, tank, TO and brian stewarts of the world is the problem and not the teflon kid. the players should speak up if their is a double standard exist, it's not right and should be exposed.

The guy wouldn't speak if the mike were not near his mouth....nuff said

Oh yea the Cowboy fans who never played the game on any level or don't have a true understanding of the concept of football will say "stop whining Roy Williams". Yet those who do possess some kind of understanding would know that Jason Garrett is working OJT(on the job training). In other words he don't know what the hell he's doing. Roy Williams is a possession receiver period. You know slant routes, out patterns, short curls, quick stops etc. There is really no defense that can stop a true possession receiver from catching at least 5 to 7 balls per game. 1 or 2 routes every single game is unheard of. No wonder Ray Lewis and the rest of the NFL said that Garrett's offense was vanilla. Jason Garrett better be glad that his Dad is one of the "Good Ole Boys" because if he wasn't he would had been fired quicker than you can say Brian Stewart. A lot of people in America are losing their jobs unjustly and having a hard time financially. Then there are people like Garrett who wouldn't get fired if he pissed on Jerry and getting 3 million per year for his production (nearly a promotion to head coach) is ridiculous.

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