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January 30, 2009

Roy Williams takes turn at ripping Garrett's offense

Terrell Owens, Tony Romo and now receiver Roy Williams. He has jumped on the Jason Garrett bashing bandwagon. In a radio interview Thursday with a Washington D.C. station (ESPN 980), Williams took offense to Garrett's offense and how he was used.

"I thought with me and T.O. out there, I thought that was just like Fitz (Larry Fitzgerald) and (Anquan) Boldin out there, but I don't think they used us correctly this past season. But hopefully this season with training camp under our belt we can all get on the same page and win some ball games."

Are you OK with Garrett?

"I am cool with Garrett, I just hope that he uses me a little more. I know what I can do in this league. I have a proven track record. I think have some pretty good hands to catch the ball. So I think he can use me a little bit more."

Williams had just 19 catches for 198 yards and one TD this season in 10 games after the trade.

"The ball just never came my way. I was never the featured guy for the ball to come my way," he said.

Williams added that his plantar fasciitis was not that big of a problem for him and he was able to consistently get open. You believe that?

"The foot didn't ever slow me down," Williams said. "I think that was more of an excuse for others to use. But going into this season there won't be any excuses."

Interesting comment here considering Wade Phillips said he was slowed by the injury and it was part of the reason for his low production. Not according to Roy. Sounds like Roy is saying that's an excuse the team was using for his minimal impact.

This year Williams said he is going to voice himself more after staying quiet for the most part when he arrived this season.

- Rick Herrin


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for those who never played the game of football, the coordinator is the one who draws up the game plan, if your game plan does not work u improvise by making in-game adustments. the RHG does not know how to u the talent he has or put them in a position to be successful so that the excution of the play is successful. so all u cowboys fans who don't like it because TO and Uno is telling the truth. without sparano,the RHG was exposed; no touches by felix jones in the first deadskins game, what kind of game plan is that; kept brad johnson, won one out of three games, that cost the cowboys a playoff spot; took almost 4 quarters to figure out the ravens defensive scheme; deshea townsend of the steelers stated that coach dick lebeau knew what formation the cowboys was in, prior to townsend intercepting romo pass for the game winning td; ray lewis saying the ravens had an easy time preparing for the cowboys because of the vanilla offense; no in-game adjustments for the offense against the iggles; yet u cowboys fans want to point the finger at TO simply because he was outspoken about the offensive scheme; ed werdner espn friend of the RHG makes allocations that TO is disrupting the lockerroom by unidentified sources and not a teammate; ed werdner never confims who his sources are end of story, but perception of TO not being a teammate is drink by everybody who listens. brian stewart gets the pink slip has no prior playcalling exeperience like his counterpart on offensive; yet was stripped of playcalling duties and regulated to game planning after the rams game; felix jones no carries in the deadskins game, the RHG still calling plays and making up game plans and still running a vanilla offense. it's plan as day people, you are all still in denial thinking it;s TO. TO is not the problem nor is Uno all they are doing is telling the cowboys fans the truth of what the problem is, brady james made it as clear as day, and people went after him for doing so, why is it that when people tell the truth, people rather follow a lie, because the truth hurts. but perception is reality and the media makes that perception of individuals.

So Roy whines he wasn't "the featured guy". That right there says it all. Roy, Terrell, they all want to be the prima donna. I am SO sick of these guys whining-- they sound like a bunch of 4 year olds.

Its over!!!! 08 is soooo over put it behind us...move on ....think nothing but Lakers and LA Kings till the football season comes again. Amen

how can we not be in the playoffs? all that talent! wasted because we have a chumps for a head coach and a bigger chump as our offensive coordinator! a joke. cant wait to see the train wreck continue.....

its the QB's resposibility to get the ball to the WR. if the qb doesn't make the right read then how can you blame the oc? call the play, run the play and execute the play, period! work to get open, don't quit on your route just because your not the 1st option. i'm getting sick of these guys, all we ever do is make excuses. shut your darn mouth already.

yuh, stop making excuse for the lame duck offensive coordinator dallas has by calling the receivers cry baby. With that talent on the offensive, they should have gotten ride of Garret. He is not worthy 3 mills they should pay him less, like 10Gs that it. Idiot.

I think Some of these high Paid Receivers should shut up and let their Play do the talking. Wonder how much it cost per catch for the salary Roy Williams made this season. Its pretty hard for the average Joe to have much empathy for the two cry babies on this team.

A better case can be made for under use of the offensive line, because the line sure as hell didn't provide adaquate protection for Romo.

Tell it like it was R.W. Williams... The media crowned offensive genius is not a genius afterall. How can you be ranked in the middle of the pack offensively with a pro bowl qb, 2 pro bowl receivers, 3 pro bowl offensive lineman, a pro bowl running back, and a pro bowl tight end at your disposal ? Look like they fired the wrong coordinator to me.

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