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January 24, 2009

Shanahan is still on Cowboys clock, SI.com says

OK, this is it, we really mean it, Mike Shanahan is not going to coach the Kansas City Chiefs or anyone else in 2009. Which still leaves Shanahan on the Dallas Cowboys clock for 2010, reports Peter King of SI.com, who cites "an NFL source close to Shanahan," which means that is Mike Shanahan, or someone even more knowledgeable, his agent.


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Jones, whichever way we dissect the situation, you CANNOT RETURN WITH FATSO AS HEAD COACH AGAIN. You stupid oiligarch, are you really THAT STUPID??? Do you read English, Jones??? We have all stated over and over and over again that there are a number of highly experienced head coaches out there from Shanhan to Holmgren to Gruden to Billick to Schottenheimer to Cowher. Just pick one, call the individual and if that person doesn't accept the position then call the next one. If you would like to choose a novice then sift through the ranks of co-ordinators at the Eagles or Giants, your two most difficult rivals and get someone with hunger and knowledge of the division. Its that simple, Jones. If you fail to remove Fatso then be prepared for another season of anguish and frustration. Its that simple Jones.

at the present it appears that the rat is on his way to unseat cupcake again in 2010. i see jeremey bates coming to big d as the next offensive coordinator for the cowboys. defensive coordinator is the question, who would the rat bring to dallas as his coordinator on defense. i see the rat signing a short term contract with the cowboys.

A short and simple open letter to Jerry Jones,owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys:
Dear Mr. Jones,
It is extremley obvious that Tony Romo is in dire need of a solid quarterback coach. He has a tremendous amount of raw talent but, now he seems lost. Mr. jones, you invested a lot of money in Tony, so would'nt it be wise to hire a great quarterback coach to help him out? Please Mr. Jones, swallow your pride and hire Mike Shanahan. I personally respect your desire to put a winning team out on the field year after year but, again, Tony really needs solid advice and guidance from a solid qb coach. Please hire Shanahan to do that job. It will protect your investment in Tony Romo.

Why 2010? WHy not now!
Again. Hire that Utah Head Coach for CB HC. Draft Utah QB to keep Romaniac head in the game. Release TO, Beauty Carpenter, #76, and No Safety Roy Willie.

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