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January 27, 2009

Something that won't change with Cowboys

That would be the circus environment. With a team desperate to re-focus and change its methods for the 2009 season, this team continues to create its own sideshows with Ringmaster Jerry.

Here are the developments since the season ended in Philly...

* Linebacker Anthony Spencer gets arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct at an Indianapolis club.

* Michael Irvin set to host a new reality show which will be a contest to determine the 80th roster spot for the upcoming training camp. The Cowboys needed a replacement for the loss of Hard Knocks.

* Terrell Owens also gets involved in the act with his own reality series this summer on VH1 giving an inside peek to the World of T.O. along with his publicists. Owens was probably jealous of Deion Sanders.

* Tight end Martellus Bennett's rap video has been discovered on You Tube, which includes very explicit language, and it's a total embarrassment to the franchise. And that's saying something. Nice work Marty, who was wearing an autographed Cowboys helmet in the video.

All of this is a great head start to the 2009 season. Stay tuned.

- Rick Herrin 


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No doubt! Now it appears you guys want things to fail around here so you can be right about it.

i agree bigkat, it's time for the dallas media to report some real news about the cowboys instead of the national enquirer. this is exactly what P.T. Bartum (jerry jones wants, it creates free marketing and keeps the cowboys in the handlines, the newspaper and web sites in addition to advertisers all profit) and his 3 ring circus wants, keep the tabloid news rolling to increase ticket sales, merchandise sales and keeping the cowboys name and products in demand. as the joker says, "It all part of the plan"

DMN blog is even worse. They're now reporting on Jessica Simpson's weight.


thank you for calling out these lazy reporters...all the things you mentioned would require Herrin to actually do some research. This isn't TMz...of course, the blog feeds the negative fans who will whine & complain with self-righteousness..
How bout this Herrin, for every slop article you owe us 2 that are substantial? Deal?

I fail to see how any of the above things mentioned will affect the team NEXT season? Both reality shows will be filmed an aired long before training camp opens. Spencer's arrest should be dealt with long before camp opens. So how are all of these things a circus? Here's an idea, how bout the media report newsworthy stories and not gossip page material, then there would not be a circus.
I'm sick of hearing about reality shows, Youtube posts, etc. How bout doing reports on possible draft picks, possible free agents, how Garrett can better utilize all the talent he has on offense...

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