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January 21, 2009

Wade and Co. headed home

Wade Phillips and the coaching staff are headed back to Dallas today. They watched the North team, which includes Texas Tech's Graham Harrell and Sam Houston State' Rhett Bomar, workout this morning for leaving.

Again, one last time we tried to see if Phillips would talk -- about anything. He headed for his car in the parking lot and did a speed walk to get there. Wade has no desire to talk to us right now and it's a big difference from his usual friendly self. It's turned into a standoff situation.

When I caught up with him Monday he said he just got here, nothing to report. Well, when I said it's three days later he said, "It's too late now."

Not only did Phillips not talk this week, his staff wouldn't either except for pleasantries and a few questions on the record with Jason Garrett.

On a different note....one interesting thing I did notice this year, most of the Cowboys staff was spread out talking with other coaches/buddies during the three days here. Last year, for the most part, they all sat together in the stands each day rarely branching out.

Remember, the Senior Bowl is a collection of just about everyone in the league and coaches networking for jobs. I'm just saying.

- Rick Herrin


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For the best football you'll see in the Metroplex next Fall, go over to Amon Carter Stadium and catch the TCU Horned Frogs.

Competent coaches and talented players who care.

Best local football money you can spend in 2009.

This total joke of a sorry excuse of a football team is not going anywhere next year you can bank on that as long as they keep Wade Cupcake. Yea it's Jerry's team and he will do what he wants with it but lets see next year how he reacts when hardley no one shows up at the new stadium to watch the games after all who wants to watch a team live when they keep loosing all the time. You might not care what we think now Jerry but you will once we stop supporting that sorry team of yours.

hey maybe cupcake has tommie issues and did not want to pass gas to the reporters. maybe the other assistant coaches wanted to branch out this year to the other coaches so that they would not have to talk to u guys in be put on the hot seat for being misquoted or taking out of context. that why the let jerry do all the talking, and he was briefed by rick before speaking to the media. it all a game and u media guys are eating it up.

and if they had oatmeal for breakfast rather than ham & eggs, what would that portend?

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