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January 20, 2009

Wade won't talk

Wade Phillips has put himself on lockdown for the Senior Bowl in Mobile. He refused to talk to reporters after Tuesday's morning practice. This has never been the case since he arrived in Dallas. Wade said he has been told not to talk by the Cowboys PR department.

What do we make of this? Maybe part of the changes with the Cowboys.

- Rick Herrin


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What a joke! Dallas doesn't have a PR problem, they have a GM problem.

OK Jones you stupid wasteful capitalist. For the final time (and your longevity may not last much longer)... this is your LAST CHANCE, your final finale, your last hurrah. Hire Shanahan, Holmgren, Gruden, Cowher now, I do not care which one but get a PROPER HEAD COACH OR SUFFER ANOTHER IGNOMINIOUS SEASON OF EMBARRASSMENT!!!!! Hire a defensive co-ordinator with some fire and experience such as Dom Capers. Look at what Le Beau has achieved in Pissburgh. Its still early enough to install a new system and it will re-energise the team. As well as Fatso, get rid of PUSSY CAT players like Spears, Hamlin and Carpenter and bring in a football thuggg such as Ray Lewis. Let Garrett learn from an experienced head coach as mentioned above. Jones this is it. Do you want another eason of indigestion and heartache or do you want a team focused on winning the division and the whole enchilada???? YOU DECIDE YOU DUD!!!!

jerry has orderd all cowboys personnel not to talk to the media, so that the fans will not boycott the new stadium or merchandise in the upcoming season and not feed wood to the fire. sorry jerry it's not going to work the boycott is on!!

Wade can't talk unless he's sitting on JJ's knee. He's as dumb as a box of hair.

Can the Cupcake.

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