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February 21, 2009

A Combine Shocker: No Comment From Jerry Jones

Apparently the gag order imposed by Jerry Jones applies to himself.
After waiting a long time to finally spot the suddenly reclusive Cowboys owner, he was spotted and tracked down in a hotel lobby at around 1 p.m. on Saturday here in Indianapolis.
After trying to squeeze in two questions, neither of which he answered, he said, "Y'all shouldn't have come up here."
When asked if he was going to talk to the media at all this weekend he said, "Maybe Monday."
He then stepped on a closing elevator and that was it.
My guess is he's not talking at all.
Clearly he's not happy with the negative publicity and the routine beatings he's taking these days, so he's taken to the no-comment policy.
Have zero idea how long it will last.

- Mac Engel


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Just another day in the life of the world's most clueless football GM...duhhh gee guys, how come everyone is pissed off at me? oh wait, it's not because I insist on being GM when a rotten tomato could do better? or because I have run your favorite team completely into the ground with no prospects for improvement due to my management style and coaching hires? get a clue Jerreh, most of dallas does NOT like you for these simple reasons. Hire a freaking FOOTBALL general manager and a real coach and step the fvck out of the way! brutal.

Jerry is an idiot and when it comes to football matters, he couldn't find his a$$ in the dark with a flashlight. I see we have a couple of refugees here from Cowboys.com and DMN blogs. Hey, Cowsheep, go back where you came from, and stroke each other on how great Jerry is, even though he is going on year 14 now without a playoff victory. Regmac, if he was a CEO of a business and ran it like he has the Cowboys, the Board of Directors would have fired his a$$ long ago. It really doesn't matter if he talks or doesn't talk, he'll STILL screw up the Cowboys. Can you say 5-11 this year? Boycott '09!!!

Good job Jerry... Read these words Jerry ..."keep your mouth closed". Anything you say would be scrutinized rather it be justified or not. Yes the gag order itself was talked about big time in the local media, but Jerry you would throw everyone for a loop if you meant to impose the gag order on yourself as well. Be about Cowboy business Jerry and focus on the young talent at the combine that would be ripe for the Cowboy's organization.

Make something up. It's worked before, I think.

the press did not create the circus: jerry did. now the ringmaster has made a mess of his circus and the press is reporting that. now he wants to victimize the "bad ol'" press. really, jones is a total loser and idiot.

Sounds like a typical CEO (head of a major organization) quiet and all business when it matters!!!!! I got no problem with Jerry he's all business!!!!

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