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February 04, 2009

Breaking news: Reeves won't be joining Cowboys

Despite already taking over some office space at Valley Ranch early this week, Dan Reeves is now heading out. The deal with Reeves and the Cowboys seemed like a done deal just awaiting official word, but fell apart on contract details Wednesday. Reeves was planning to join the Cowboys as a consultant.

Reeves, 65, was expected to help bring discipline and change a team culture that lacks accountability and is full of distractions. He was expected to report directly to owner Jerry Jones. One of the interesting things had Reeves (an ex-Cowboys player and assistant) taken the job in Dallas was whether or not he felt Terrell Owens should have been in the team's plans for 2009.

So even when the Cowboys try to do something right to fix this team, they still can't get it right. But sometimes consultants can provide a sticky work environment and remember Reeves showed he still wants to coach again by interviewing for the 49ers offensive coordinator job. Then again, you Cowboys fans would say Jason Garrett needs all the help he can get right now.

This is a statement from Cowboys PR director Rich Dalrymple on Reeves:

"We had two very good days of dialogue with Dan Reeves, and both the Cowboys and Dan had an interest in working together.  By Wednesday afternoon, we were unable to reach an agreement on all  of the details of a contract, and both parties were comfortable with the fact that Dan would not be joining the organization.  Jerry (Jones) holds Dan in the highest regard as a friend and a tremendous contributor to the history of the Cowboys and the NFL."

- Rick Herrin



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i'm not sure the eagles have been better off since t.o. left.. from four straight nfc title games and one super bowl appearance (with t.o. by the way) to struggling to make the playoffs the last three years.. sure they got there a couple of times but only through the backdoor.. no way cowboys are better off without t.o.'s talent.. and roy williams' career is definitely on the bubble.. i wouldn't necessarily rely on him to elevate the cowboy's offense just yet

remember troy aikman was against reeves coming on board with jerry. reeves would have been a threat to the RHG role as the offensive coordinator. when reeves saw what was going on from the inside the massive authority jerry has given his chosen one who is the root of the problem and not TO. Reeves caught the fastest thing headed back home and does not want any part of a cover-up or the mess that jerry has created. Thanks dan to holding up the landry tradition and history and not compromising your dignity for jerry to misuse for his own personal gain.

They should take this opportunity to flush Wade Phillips and turn another off-season negative into an overwhelming positive. This is easy right? You have a huge stadium to fill and a talented team with a huge malcontent that needs strong leadership, so what do you do? Either you hand Shanahan or Holmgren the reigns or go the nouveau route and give the job to Garrett and then you cut Owens. Anyone who thinks we will be worse with TO, should look to the last team that cut them. I believe they have done quite well without him, and we still have the good Roy. Anyway, those two layup moves will answer the critics and fill the new barn.

I think Jethro will regret not coming to an agreement with Dan Reeves.

I am done with this team.

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