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February 20, 2009

Canty Coming Back Looks Doubtful

Spoke with the agent who represents free agent defensive end Chris Canty, and my feeling is that there is no way the Cowboys will have the money to keep him.
Defensive ends are always paid big as free agents, and the Cowboys aren't going to have the necessary room to sign him to the type of deal he's going to want.
Canty is not a star, but he's a solid pro.
So, Jason Hatcher and Stephen Bowen, this is your chance.

- Mac Engel


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Hatch is better but Tyson is 3-4 Cowboys made!!!!

Let's repeat the position one last time. Dallas has a "bottle" problem: the players are mostly self-centered, gutless show ponies. There is no leadership and no fire & brimstone. The coaching and management structure are both hopeless. Changing the latter is proving to be mission impossible. Therefore to rectify the on-field soft playing style, the team should rid itself of the biggest culprits, namely Marcus Spears, Ken Hamlin and Bobby Carpenter. Canty should be kept and a serious effort made to keep him. Shedding the central players causing the weakness is what needs to be done, not let solid young players such as Canty leave. Canty may become a top player at another club. Could happen.

I say let him go. Tired of good players making such a fuss trying to get great pay. If you play great, you get paid great, it's a fair system.

I want to the Cowboys to replace him ASAP, before he has a chance to sign with another team. I think it would show that you earn your keep to the players, and that market value will determine worth, not what you think you deserve.

It would show that this organization can still recognize a distraction and deal with it. Canty is good, but not great.

canty is the unsung hero on the cowboys front seven. canty may not get the sacks or the spotlight, but he makes things happen that benefits d-ware. i think the cowboys need to keep him unless the cowboys are certain, that bowen, hatcher or dixon can get the job done.

i prefer hatcher over the soft @$$ canty...go be with your dad Fatcells

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