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February 21, 2009

Cowboys Talking to Agents for Ware and Canty This Weekend

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said he plans to meet with the agents who represent Chris Canty and DeMarcus Ware this weekend while in Indianapolis.
Ware will likely receive some monster, team-record contract at some point this offseason. The chances of keeping Canty continue to fade.
As for Keith Davis, who manages to keep sticking around, he can be a free agent. He won't command much money, but the Cowboys aren't real sure about that.

- Mac Engel


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Dallas need to keep Chris Canty. Marcus Spears is the guy we need to be rid of. Canty may not be great yet but he is still young and works quite hard. Canty is much less of a pussy cat player than Spears is.

If we nabb Tyson Jackson in the 2nd rd......we can trace Britny Spears and Cris Cantplay on day 2 for more 6 and 7 rnder steals!!!!!

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