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February 28, 2009

Meet Your No. 2 QB, Jon Kitna

After watching Brad Johnson do essentially nothing in three starts in 2008 and almost fall into one victory, the Cowboys made backup quarterback a priority this offseason.

So even with names such as Rex Grossman and Kyle Boller floating about this free agency period, the Cowboys traded for Detroit Lions veteran Jon Kitna. The 36-year-old, who has 12 NFL seasons under his belt, was expected to be released next week when he was due a roster bonus. The Lions are confirming the trade, but exactly what the Cowboys gave up is as yet unknown.

Unless Kitna comes into training camp and stinks, the plan is for him to backup Tony Romo. He has one thing in common with Romo - they were both undrafted out of Division I-AA colleges. Romo went to Eastern Illinois and Kitna went to Central Washington.

He has been in the NFL since 1997 when he broke in with the Seattle Seahawks. He was there from '97 to 2000. Kitna then played for the Bengals between 2000 and 2005. He spent the last three seasons with the Lions.

After starting all 16 games in 2006 and '07, Kitna was essentially benched this season and sent to the injured reserve list after appearing in only four games. He threw for 758 yards with five touchdowns and five interceptions in 2008. His last game game was a 34-7 loss against the Bears on Oct. 5. In his career, Kitna has completed just under 60 percent of his passes for 27,293 yards with 152 touchdowns and 151 interceptions.

The Cowboys are still expected to select a quarterback in the draft in April.

- Mac Engel


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Kitna is better than anyone that was available. Grossman turns the ball over more than Tony does, we dont need that. Simms has basically no resume and he is injury prone with a very, very serious injury. Jeff Garcia is strickly a West Coast offense guy. He his too small and not enough arm for traditional system. JP Losman sucks badly. You know Buffalo just drafted him like 4 yrs ago and already dumping him (see Rex above). With our offensive line, Leftwich would be dead. He is a statue with a very slow (Bledsoe like) release (the reason he is not in Jacksonville). Who's left JT Sullivan, NOT....ummmm maybe turn the keys over to Kyle Boller(no statement needed, he stinks). So this is basically a very good move JJ.

Lets see. Kitna threw for 4000 yrds in 2006 & 2007 before getting hurt in 08. He ran the same system in Cincy under Zampiese and in Detroit under Martz. No learning curve here. He knows Roy Williams, inside and out. He can make all the throws since he has a strong arm. He is mobile and he is cocky. Not a deer in headlights type. We are in good shape. Dont believe me look at the Free agent QB ratings on scout.com.
So tell me who would be better? We dumped Henry's contract, got cap space that we can use to get a better DB (shawn springs im hearing is coming for a hometown discount), filled our backup QB spot with an experienced, gutsy dude. So lets see Kitna vs Brad Johnson....I think thats a major upgrade.
Keith Brookings and his 102 tackles in a 3/4 system vs Zach Thomas who is too small for us. or even Ray Ray that would have cost us at least 9 Mil (7 million ADDITIONAL dollars) compared to Brookings 2 mil per season. C'mon think that this was salary cap related, yet getting better alternatives. I think!!

Only Jerry is dumb enough to trade for a player that was going to be released (and an old one at that). TELL JERRY NO BY BOYCOTTING HIS SORRY A$$.

I don't understand this move at all. You replace an ancient back up with another ancient back up?? AND you give up a capable starter that could slide over to safety?? I'm a Jerry lover and apologist but this makes no sense..at all. Why not take a chance on a young QB with a high pedigree that has not done well on their first stop??

Dallas fans! Wake-up! It's time to boycott all things Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones gets stupider by the day! He thinks that we as fans will buy whatever crap he serves. Stop spending money with him! As long as we do, he thinks we are agreeing with him. Remember, BOYCOTT till we win!

What a stupid trade. Why JJ just can't get Utah QB? Get a young QB and develop him. Kitna is a looser! Now Romo can continue be Romosexmaniac!

How 'bout 'dem Jones Boys???

Welcome to the new JerryLand in Arlington, home of the Super Ego Owner!!!

BTW - Jerry wants to tell the citizens of Arlington, thanks alot suckers!!!

Not a final solution, but Kitna is an upgrade from Brad Johnson. If there IS a true final solution it will be a really sharp QB in the draft who will either push Romo to get off his current plateau, or push him aside to become the new starter.

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