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February 28, 2009

Cowboys Traded Anthony Henry for Kitna

The Cowboys are confirming they sent veteran cornerback Anthony Henry to Detroit to acquire Jon Kitna.

Henry started all 16 games in 2008 and had 55 tackles, two sacks, two pressures, seven pass breakups and one interception.
This trade opens the door for either second-year player Orlando Scandrick or Mike Jenkins to start full-time opposite Terence Newman.
Henry was a consistent starter for the Cowboys over the past four seasons; he has one-year remaining on his contract.

- Mac Engel


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Jones is a COMPLETE IDIOT!!! Why on earth would you give up ANYBODY for a slow coach BUM like Bob (that is his real name) Kitna??? Kitna is a SLOW COACH BUM!!! And why on earth would you sign an ageing slow coach like Keith Brooking?? Dallas should have shed Marcus Spears and Roy Williams and possible Carpenter or Burnett in order to keep Chris Canty. Ken Hamlin is another player needed to be dispatched. Spears and Hamlin are both BIG CATS!!! Why on earth would you not seriously try to keep Canty by offloading a bunch of pussycat players???? Dallas is left with A CAT LIKE SPEARS and players such as Bowen and Jason Hatcher to fill the void. This will NOT WORK and is totally UNREALISTIC!!!! Look, dallas fans need to understand one thing: Fatso + Senile Capitalist Jones must be OVERTHROWN IF YOU WANT A GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM EVER AGAIN. BOTH ARE TOTALLY INCOMPETENT AND DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT TO DO. THE SECONDARY IS NOW THINNER THAN EVER AND FATSO HAS SHOWN THAT HE CANNOT DEVELOP YOUNG DRAFTED PLAYERS. PROTEST AND CAUSE TROUBLE TO THE REGIME, ITS THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE THE ROT THAT IS ENVELOPPING A FORMERLY CLASSY FRANCHISE.

guy's what is the deal '' jerry would not let henry go if he did not have the intent to have a back up plan for henry'kitna' still had some years left on his contract as well as henry and ' romo gets a veteren qb' that can come in and run the team''if he get's enjured'it is time to get these young corners redy for the big time.

this a great deal you guys...newman and scandrick are the starting corners now...roy willy will be gone soon...courtney brown will get his chance at safety if patrick watkins blows his and we still have a draft to go get one or a free agent signing

This trade is a wash or closer to a win for the Cowboys. They get and estabished veteran QB who has thrown for 4000 yds in 2 of last three seasons, for a guy who wasn't going to start next year. Scandrick has that position locked up. Plus it gave cap relief allowing us to sign Brooking, who also restructured his contract for cap relief. They can lock up Ware and go after Canty or Burnett.

this was a money move. nothing else. don't think about it as a starter for a backup. the cowboys saved 2.5MM so they coukd get brooking.

That sucks!

What's the big deal??? Henry is well past his prime... didn’t he continually get burnt last year by average receivers??

Although I’m not excited about Kitna backing our heartless quarterback, I would have preferred someone that would push Romo. Giving up Henry is no big deal!!!

Plus the Cowboys get additional cap relief.

this trade blows. nothing unusual there when your GM is Jerreh. how the hell we give up a starting player in the secondary (and likely a starting safety this year) when we have none to spare as it is? for a backup QB?! these players are FREE on the waiver wire to sign equally useless stooges today! way to go jerreh. just when i thought our secondary could not get any worse. i guess this is a clear sign we intend to go with ole Roy Willy getting beat up back there for another year. wonderful.

It is official, Jerry Jones is taking stupid pills.

word? a starting corner for kitna? oh boy, we give up a DB, when we have no safety for a back-up qb. the skins get 3 really good starters & WE take 2 steps back & one step in sh*t

word? a starting corner for kitna? oh boy, we give up a DB, when we have no safety for a back-up qb. the skins get 3 really good starters & take 2 steps back & one step in sh*t

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