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February 03, 2009

Drew Pearson Speaks His Mind

Gotta love Drew Pearson. The former Cowboys receiver is never afraid of his own opnions. These quotes are from an interview I conducted with Pearson last week.

What do the Cowboys have to do to win consistently again?
“Get back to the basics. The basics of running the ball. Leave all the hype and the stadium building alone and concentrate on what it’s all about - winning. It’s all predicated on how well you do on the field.

Go back to the way it was - give authority to the coach. The only time they had success was with discipline. That was the No. 1 thing both Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson brought to the table. The players respected those head coaches because of the way he coached. That’s not there now. You don’t go into the Philly game and play the way you do and coach the way you do and play like that with discipline with all the turmoil and stuff. In the course of a season there is so much distraction and the media the way it is, you have to have discipline.  

Why bring the distractions on yourself? The Cowboys bring a lot of it on themselves. If the Cowboys want to go back to the way when they won, go back and look at the tradition. Look at why they won. Pittsburgh doesn’t have to do that because they never change from how they do things. I bet that was the No. 1 thing that got Mike Tomlin the job."

Do you think today’s Cowboys appreciate the history of this franchise?

Pearson: “No I don’t. If they do, they’ve studied it and learned it on their own. I don’t think Jerry Jones preaches the tradition of the Cowboys at all. I can’t remember any former teammates telling me they’ve talked to the team to tell them about the tradition. We’re not invited to stand on the sidelines.

The Steelers invite their players back and they want their players to see their older players. But it’s the same ownership in Pittsburgh and so they always invited them back. I don’t think these Cowboys think about the tradition, and that is backed up by the way they play on the field and coaching. If they understood the tradition and they certainly wouldn’t go up to Philadelphia and play the last game of the season the way they did."


- Mac Engel


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It doesn't matter what changes are made as long as DaBoys have the same old stinking owner and coach running this circus of a show...there is no pride on tradition,on accountability, or self control...starting with Mr. Ego himself! Sell the team to someone who can win us some Super Bowls again....

Dammitt! Somebody with a voice in the Cowboys organzation has finally said what needs to spoken on the record. Read this quoted words by Drew "get back to running the football" and "back to the fundementals" and "preaching and bringing back Cowboy tridition" and "inviting the previous Cowboys of all the eras to the sideline" and "stop bringing upon distractions upon yourselfs and the team" for starters. The coach is still a lame duck coach, but he can at least start laying down some fundemental ground work for the next coach that comes into town. It may sound difficult for some but it is really fairly simple. Bring back the players of all the eras that want to be involved either by speaking or even their presence alone. I am a young man myself and know how it feels to have someone you respect & have admiration for watch you play from the sidelines. You find yourself sometimes making unbelieveable plays that you never thought that you would make in big games. It's not always about your talent level, but the auro around you that brings upon something special. Personally I wouldn't care less if Jerry cut or traded away the entire starting lineup, because its a great difficult task ahead in identifying the cancers on the team. No its not just T.O. assuming he is one. If the blame goes to anyone it goes to Wade as the head coach for allowing it and to Jerry for allowing Wade to keep his job after allowing it.

Drew Rocks. Folks, please don't buy Jerry's stuff until he gets us a real coach.


C'mon, Drew -- who were all those guys on the field after the Ravens game? Mirages?

Jerry isn't exactly on my Christmas list either, but to say he ignores the Cowboys tradition, after inducting Bob Hayes into the ROH (which Tex Schramm had 14 years to do but somehow couldn't get around to it) simply ignores the facts.

There's a lot Jerry could do better, and he could probably do a better job of including the older players, but ISTM he isn't ignoring them.

That is probably why jerrah has not put drew into the ring of honor, because it links the old school cowboys with his tripplets. jerrah for some reason does not want the landry cowboys near the franchise which i think is a mistake, that is why the franchise has not won a playoff game since 1996. in 1993 nfc championship game at san francisco jerrah did wise up and have roger the dodger on the sidelines to keep troy the golden boy focus on what was at stake. it is good that reeves is coming back maybe reeves will have the authority to allow the landry cowboys in addition to the 90's cowboys to roam the sidelines this season and talk to the players and let them know about the tradition and the history of the cowboys and what is at stake when u are wearing the star on the helmet. first thing the orgainization should do is bring back the rookies having to earn the star in training camp and vest water for the coaches and veterans, that would be a start and to have the so-call genius dust off the landry's multiple offense that has been under lock and key since 1988 i.e. shift motions and the trademark linemen hitch), and to wear the throwback jersey of 1966, the year the cowboys hosted the nfl championship game against the hated packers at the cotton bowl, both home and away jersey to celebrate the enshirement of bob hayes.

When tradition puts money in the bank Jethro will get some.

Until then...

Last time I saw this guy he snaped the ball in the 82 NFC's game. After everyone else gave up.

Drew hit the nail so hard, it went through the board.

Drew is on to something with tradition and bring back prior players. Perhaps Jerry should at least invite the 90's team to the weight room in the off season. Establish a mentoring program for the new players and finally Jerry should embrace the past glory. We have lost our way and not until Jerry sees the light we will continue to be an American mess!

Another one with high cred slamming the current operation. I am with ya, it is a mess there.

Tell is like it is, Drew!!!

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