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February 07, 2009

Field trip to the new Cowboys stadium!

Members of the Star-Telegram toured the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington and made a few videos. Enjoy!


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the boycott is on, only the rich and famous and sports writers will be attending the games next season. any cowboy fan in his right mind would not drink the kool aid no matter how much sugar jerry put in it, with the mediocracy on the playing field who can afford the parking, the concession and the game tickets in this economy, especially, when jerry is laught all the way to the bank with a cowboy who is laying off employee left and right and putting it's name (AT&T) and employees losing their familes, homes and life saving (401K), jerry thinks the sheep will flock into the white elephant to watch another broken promise. jerry must think the fans will drink anything. after 13 years of no lombardi trophy, why does jerry think he can wave a magic wand or lead the fans like a pied piper?

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