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February 22, 2009

Jason Hatcher and Stephen Bowen, Starters?

With the Cowboys meeting with the agent for potential free agent Chris Canty today, it's time to get ready for the idea that Canty is gone.
Even if the Cowboys draft a defensive end in April, chances are the starter at Canty's defensive end position is on the roster right now. At least, that's what the Cowboys believe.
The top candidate is third-year player Jason Hatcher. In 46 games, he has 59 tackles and 5.5 sacks. He was a bit (maybe a lot) raw coming into the NFL out of Grambling in 2006. Hatcher had been backing up Marcus Spears at the other end position
The other candidate is Stephen Bowen, who was Canty's backup. Undrafted out of Hofstra, he's played in 31 games and has 32 tackles with one sack.

- Mac Engel


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Canty is a good player and will be missed but Hatcher and Bowen can both play. We can't pay everyone and fit under the cap. We need to keep Keith Davis and Kevin Barnett if possible. We need a starting inside linebacker like a Bart Scott. If JJ wont' or can't sign him expect us to draft two linebackers high in the draft. I like Jasper Brinkly of SC and you can probably get him in the 4th or 5th round. I would like to see the Cowboys sign Jon Kitna as a backup to Romo and maybe give Brooks Bolinger another chance. We must get a starting Left Tackle in the draft because Flozell is on his last leg. Getting a Left Tackle would be my #1 priorty besides re-signing Ware.

they both suck there better player in this draft at DE then either of them.

I think letting Canty slip away is a mistake. Not a slap in the face of Hatcher and Bowen, but just an observation that Canty brings a lot more to the line of scrimmage than most people think.

Oh, well...we've still got Coach Cupcake so whatever talent we DO have is pretty much wasted, anyway.

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