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February 22, 2009

Jerry Does Talk, Part I

After some serious computer issues here in Indy, I can report that Jerry Jones did talk to the media about 8 p.m. on Saturday night, briefly. He said he'll have more before he leaves Indianapolis.

Here are the highlights:

Did you tell your coaches, including Wade Phillips, not to talk to the media:
Jerry Jones: “We have agreed we wouldn’t meet independently with the media as we go through this off-season as I make these decisions relative to personnel. You can’t get the full picture unless you visit with me.”

Jones is irritated with stories that he feels include "misinformation."

“That’s part of it so you can get the full picture. I kind of know where it all sums up there,” Jones said. “I’m just saying you don’t get the full picture. I’m the guy that’s got the full picture.”


“That’s just total misinformation,” Jones said. “That’s not something I would do, discuss the status of another player with another player. It’s wrong, it’s ridiculous for me to consider, I’ve never been that way in 20 years.”


- Mac Engel



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jerry learned well from the tuna as far as not feeding the media into a frenzy. loose lip sink ships.

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