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February 03, 2009

Larry Brown On ...

When writing a story last week about the Steelers in the Super Bowl and how some of the old time Cowboys felt about that, I did some interviews where I was unable to put everything in the story. Here are some of the quotables.


Former Dallas Cowboys defensive back Larry Brown:


Did the Cowboys underachieve in 2008?

I don’t know if they underachieved this year at all. Look at the injuries. - Terence Newman, Kyle Kosier, Anthony Spencer, Kevin Burnett, Miles Austin, Marion Barber, Tony Romo. Pat Watkins. All of these guys contributed to help this team win and it caught up with them. They can’t overcome all these injuries. These all happened during the season and it caught up with them. I don’t think they underachieved. Had those guys all been healthy it would have been a different story. That’s a part of the game and this was not a team that could deal with as many injuries to key participants to keep winning." 


Then what was the problem?

“The biggest thing for the Steelers unlike the Cowboys is that they are consistenty. They forced other teams to make mistakes and they limited theirs. This year the Cowboys were not disciplined. They make stupid penalties in critical situations. When you’re trying to be a championship team you can’t make mistakes and turn the ball over. That comes with the maturity they have to protect the ball.”


- Mac Engel


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jerry need to allow the landry cowboys and the team of the 90's be a part of the program and allow them to be on the sidelines at the home games to re-enforce the tradition and the glorious history of the dallas cowboys to the current player who i don't believe understand what it means to wear the star and the blood, sweat and tears the players before them had to go through to make this organization the most visable in the world and what it take to be a member of the ring of honor. i think it's a good move to bring dan reeves back that a start of linkage of landry's cowboys along with the 90's cowboys to teach them what it means to wear the star on the helmet. if u don't know your pass how can you know where you are going in the future?

Does brain dead count as an injury?

If so, add Coach Cupcake to the PUP list.

Larry gave me pause on the impacts of injuries. I would just like to add that after suffering from injuries some of the players never regained their health or form to really be an effective player. How do our injuries compare to the other top teams in the leagues?

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