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February 21, 2009

Late Blogging: Live from the Combine on Tape Delay

I have good reason why there has been nothing on this blog lately - myself and a pair of other reporters were on a "stakeout" in a hotel lobby on Friday night from 5:30 p.m. until midnight in hopes of finding Jerry Jones.
He never showed. Apparently, the Jones crew arrived shortly after midnight. That's usually how it works.
But Jerry, Stephen Jones et all have made it to Indianapolis. The famous Cowboys bus, however, has not. The custom made luxury bus that usually makes it to wherever the Jones' are going to be for an extended period apparently had some mechanical failures and had to go back to North Texas.

(insert broke down Cowboys joke here)

But sitting in the lobby last night did give me the chance to see one of the more unique sights: Looking at Cardinals owner and noted recluse Bill Bidwill walking about as fast as an amaradillo into the hotel, wearing his Cardinals NFC Champions cap. He was wearing slacks and a red sports jacket, so the hat was sort of an odd compliment. But considering the Cardinals never really had such a hat before, you can't really blame the guy.

- Mac Engel


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