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February 20, 2009

'Survivor' contestant has Cowboys link

Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George revealed to her tribe mates on Thursday night's episode of Survivor that is she is the wife of Eddie George, who won the Heisman Trophy with the Ohio State Buckeyes and finished a strong NFL career with a rather forgettable (3.3 yards a carry, 4 TDs) season in 2004 with the Dallas Cowboys.

Taj is a Grammy-nominated singer and an author and, now that her tribe mates know she is married to George, probably has NO CHANCE OF WINNING A MILLION DOLLARS. But she will compete, saying she wants to win it not for any cause but because she just wants to win.

Taj might have averaged more than 3.3 yards a carry for the 2004 Cowboys, I can tell you that.

A few Survivor seasons back, former Cowboys quarterback Gary Hogeboom competed but kept his identity a secret for the most part.

— Vince Langford


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