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February 21, 2009

T.O.'s Cap Hit - Once and For All

I have seen that fans have some questions about the accurate salary cap figure regarding Terrell Owens. There have been some conflicting numbers and confusion.
Stephen Jones said the correct 2009 salary cap hit for Terrell Owens, if they were to release him, is $600,000 above the figure if they kept him. That would be just about $9.5 million.
But Stephen Jones did not say they intend to cut Owens. He just said the figure. That's all.

- Mac Engel


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How about trading TO. I would take a 3nd or 4th round pick for him or how about trading him to ciny for Chad Johnson. Does TO have to approve the trade? If not send him somewhere so we get something for him. If he stays lay down the law to him about what he says to the media. Tell him if he disrupts the locker room you will deactivate him a like the Bucks did with MeShawn. It makes no sense to release your best reciever for nothing in return. JJ needs to tell TO what happens if he acts up and follow through with it

It really doesn't matter to me if they kept T.O. or not because Dallas is not going nowhere with the current head coach and offensive coordinator. If he stays he will only be the scapegoat on why Dallas couldn't win it all or if he goes was the reason why Dallas didn't win it all. Either way the media headed by Randy Galloway and Company will find a way to lay the blame at his feet.

the 9.5 million is worth every td celebration HE BRINGS IN MORE BUSINESS

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