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February 27, 2009

Where do Cowboys go at backup QB?

You like Rex Grossman? He says he'd like a shot in Dallas if he has to settle for a backup job. Not sure any team is desperate enough to give Rex a shot at starter.

Do the Cowboys stick with Brooks Bollinger as the No. 2 and re-sign him? The Cowboys have to look at the potential if Tony Romo was out of action like he was this past season. Can Bollinger fill in and lead this team to victories? They don't have any proof he can. The Cowboys need a more experienced ex-starter as the backup.

Jeff Garcia would be an excellent upgrade, but remember who is on this roster at receiver. Garcia would be the best move if No. 81 was not around.

There is a good chance the Cowboys will also draft a quarterback, but he won't be the backup. He would be the third-string guy to groom for the future.

Check out these names and which one is the free agent best option?

Charlie Batch, Kyle Boller, Byron Leftwich, Patrick Ramsey, J.P. Losman or Chris Simms.

- Rick Herrin


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Grossman would be a good pick-up he is around the same aize as Romo and has good are strength. He throws a good deep ball and he reminds me of Romo since he tends to play great or terrible. I also like Jon Kitna. No one is talking about him but did't the Lions release him? It he doesn't have any injury issues he would be a good choice as well. I would offer Bolinger the vet minimum and have him compete with another guy for the #2 spot.

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