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February 22, 2009

Who Is He Talking About?

Perhaps Bill Belichik's most interesting point that is more Cowboys-related has to do with the evolution of the safety position.
"In the NFL, there were times when some of the safeties, particularly the strong safeties, fit more almost like linebackers than they did as defensive backs," Belichik said. "That has changed gradually but now to the point your defensive backs either have to cover wide receivers or tight ends who are very, very good in the passing game. Not little guys that are running five-yard hook routes. Tight ends that can get down the field and make acrobatic catches. And get open and beat tight coverage.
"The demands of that position have changed and I think that has changed the evaluation of it. Maybe some of those hybrid guys that have played corner and safety."

Can you name the Cowboy Belichik may be talking about, indirectly?

- Mac Engel


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I think the elevated play of the TEs will change the way teams play defense all together. Some teams and players have made the adjustments. Tampa 2 anyone? Also, White Devils and StuJ2.0s are the premium opiners of all things Dallas Cowboys.

I think it applies to a large number of Strong Safeties in the league. The requirements of the position have changed. The 'new' Strong Safety has to be good in coverage as well as a run stopper. It is now a very athletically demanding position.

Well, he certainly wasn't talking about our bad Roy Williams(tres-uno), because Bill Belicheat said something about covering receivers, and our tres-uno couldn't cover his a$$ with a bath towel.

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