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March 12, 2009

Best player available strategy for Jerry?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says drafting a wide receiver isn’t a priority this year, even after the departure of Terrell Owens.

“One of the reasons that I made the decision on Terrell Owens was because I thought so much of our young receivers. Not only Roy Williams ... but our other young receivers — Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, those are guys that will now have a chance,” Jones said Thursday night in Little Rock, Ark. “It would really have to be a real opportunity for us to go there.

“The good news with our team right now is we can go about any direction we want to in the draft and pick the best player.”

Owens was released last week and later signed with the Buffalo Bills. Jones, a former Arkansas Razorbacks player, was in Little Rock to be honored by Easter Seals as its 2009 Arkansan of the Year. He was accompanied by three Cowboys: quarterback Tony Romo, tight end Jason Witten and running back Felix Jones.

There were reports of a rift last season between Romo, Witten and Owens. Reporters were not permitted to talk to Romo or Witten on Thursday night.

Jerry Jones did speak briefly to reporters about next season.

“We’ve got a great core base put together. We’ve made some changes in the offseason. We think that’s going to really be very helpful — both sides of the ball and on special teams,” he said. “We’ve got a chance to get as many as nine players in the draft, and we’ll need about 80 percent of those to be players.”

-- The Associated Press


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That is all Dallas used to draft back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, and they had a very consistant, dominate franchise. They got away from that over the last 2 decades under Jerry Jones and the consistancy is now gone along with Dallas' model franchise reputation. I hope Jerry has begun to realize his errors and gets Dallas back on track on the field and not just in the market place.

Cowboys have alot of problems other than wide recievers, they need a strong defense and Owens is still winning because you are still writing about him he's gone so who cares? Wait till he lines up against the Cowboys again ,then you can write about him.

jerry you need a young aggressive wide reciever''forget that b.s about best on the board'' c'mon we need that reciever'' that can really get down the field' there are atleast 6 recievers that ran under 4.4 at the combine and if you can get a reciever that can run get one'' we dont need another player that is gonna sit on the bench or struggle on special teams,then get you a safty' that can get out there and light a fire under some recievers butts when running that cross pattern.

is Dr. Jack Kevorkian available...he would be best player available for Jerry & Dallas


Anyone who thinks the Cowboys should draft for need, I direct you to Exhibit A: Dwayne Goodrich.

I rest my case.

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