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March 04, 2009

Burnett close to being a Charger?

Burnett Got a text from Cowboys linebacker Kevin Burnett about midnight last night and he said he is real close to being a San Diego Charger.

Burnett is hopeful that everything will be finalized Wednesday.

If so, he will be the second unrestricted free agent to leave the Cowboys for more money and potentially greener pastures in the past four days. Defensive end Chris Canty signed a six-year, $42 million contract with the Giants on Sunday.

Burnett's departure will be no surprise either. His financial demands were too rich for the Cowboys and his on field goals didn't line up with Coach Wade Phillips. He wants an opportunity to start, while the Cowboys see him as more of a nickel linebacker and special teams player.

It's one reason they signed Keith Brooking to start at the weakside inside linebacker position opposite Bradie James.

Still, the Cowboys will miss Burnett and must find someone to replace him. He was a solid nickel linebacker and was one of the team's top special teams players. They signed Matt Stewart on Tuesday  to give them some help on special teams.Hopefully the Cowboys can finally count on Bobby Carpenter to make a contribution in the nickel defense.

Burnett visited the Raiders on Monday before heading to San Diego on Tuesday.

San Diego will be good fit for him because he grew up in Los Angeles and it puts him close to home.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Super cute! My little man would look so stylin' in those!

Calling all ballers, calling all ballers! Do you want to play for a team that sends mixed signals--one from the wimpy head coach and one from the wimpy owner? I thought so.

Do I sense a pattern here for the Jonesboys? Where all the ballers are leavin' for greener pastures and saner football environments where all the players know where player accountability lies. Where players know they will be held accountable? Where players can concentrate 100% on gettin' busy on the football field instead of wonderin' which teammate(s) went over their head (and the HC's head) to tattle on them to the meddling owner about something insignificant that could have been settled out in the parking lot between the players themselves? Where players know that their HC is the end all and be all to all decisions and actions of the players, assistant coaches, and on the playbook.

For God's Sake let the players practice and play and the coaches coach--get the owner and his henchmen off the practice field and playing field!! Or the Cowboys will never win a playoff or Super Bowl again.

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