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March 24, 2009

Calvin Hill gives T.O. good recommendation

Cowboys consultant Calvin Hill gave Bills coach Dick Jauron a positive recommendation about petulant receiver Terrell Owens.

Hill sought out Jauron after the Bills signed Owens just three days following his shocking release from the Cowboys.

"He told me a lot of things, a lot of things he felt, a lot of things that are private between us," Jauron said. "He also told me he was the hardest worker that he’s ever seen or he worked as hard as anybody he’s ever seen, which is not news to anybody in terms of this player. He wanted to win, had a driving desire to win."

Maybe Owens wasn't as bad in Dallas as it was made believe.

Hill was hired to oversee the team's behaviorable department. His primary focus is to oversee the  team's handling of troubled players. From Alonzo Spellman, Dimitrius Underwood, Tank  Johnson, Pacman Jones and Owens, Hill was involved with  all of them during their time with the Cowboys.

I doubt if he would serve as reference for all of them. But he did for Owens. So that is saying something.

Clarence E. Hill Jr. 



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Misery loves company. People always rag the guy for loving himself. If you don't love yourself you're incapable of loving........period. Seems like now that he's gone,all the people who said that he was a lockerromm cancer should be hanging from the rafters with their opinions, but they are not there. Now that C. Hill has given him a good recommendation, he will probably be let go soon for some mysterious reason........Stay Tuned!!!


C'mon. Is this really a race thing? Really?


its all he white folks in dallas organization that has something ignorant to say about Owens. Its all good though, I hope Owens Win a playof game before the cowboys do

LOL, now, after he's gone, the media who were screaming that TO was a no good, bad influence, bad for the team.how stupid Dallas is for having him... are now saying 'maybe he wasn't so bad after all, how stupid of Dallas to cut him.

What a joke.

yes'hill is a special man'' that knows footall and players'' but'the nay'sayers don't want to hear nothing positive about t.o or any players just negative feedback, if it is something good this report will get no feedback at all so just say something that's not good and you got yourself a good blog.

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