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March 10, 2009

Crayton involved in paternity case

Fox 4 reports that Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton is involved in a paternity case with a former DeSoto High School classmate and former beauty queen. The hearing was closed to the public and reporters on Monday.

- Rick Herrin


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PC is a man with integrity and love for his family im sure this coming to the light now has everything to do with something old that was in the past. we are all humans and we make mistakes WHO IS WITH OUT SIN PLEASE CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!!!

HEY Dallas fans be PROUD, Crayton FINALLY shot something off besides HIS mouth (See Patriots, Giants 2007)

This is a private matter, like Mike said. Journalism is for those people that went through life with no friends, dated the ugliest girls, and now want to intrude in others private life. You read the news for information about the community, financial info, world info not for who slept with who. Get a life!!! Dang that's why media people get knocked out, not minding their business

Hmmm...so there was one route that he didn't pull up early on.

Sorry, not a private matter, but a matter of public record. If you hate journalism, stop reading it!

Seriously? Do we have to report everything that goes on with these guys. This is a private matter and should be kept that way. My as well let us know that he was seen at the local grocery store buying a bunch of candy and fat foods..

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