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March 16, 2009

Matt Jones is a FA

As much as Jerry Jones loves his Hogs, it's best he stay away from the most recent ex-Hog who hit the street today.
Former Arkansas quarterback turned Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Matt Jones was cut on Monday, the team announced.
He had been charged with cocaine possession back in July; he was suspended for the final three games of the 2008 season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 13.
Texans Longhorn fans remember Jones as the elusive, talented QB for Arkansas who gave the fighting Mack Brown's fits in Austin.
The NFL people fell in love with Jones because he's 6-foot-6, 218 pounds, athletic and could run. He was moved to receiver before the draft in 2005. But the talent and the frame never did match the production.
In 54 games with the Jags, Jones caught 166 passes for 2,153 yards and 15 touchdowns.
If Jones had been cut one year ago, when the Cowboys were taking "calculated risks" on Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson and others, I would have said the team would have rolled the dice on Matt Jones, too.
Now, given how the team has cleaned house and suddenly become tough on crime, I would be floored to see Jones given a shot by the Cowboys ... even though Jerry loves his Hogs.

- Mac Engel



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This would be the best thing for the Cowboys to do. We missed out on Randy Moss and we saw first hand what size and speed can do when we Faced Larry Fitzgerald and here's a guy I'm not saying he's no Randy Moss or a Larry fitzgerald but (he's taller than both of them and faster than Fitzgerald) he has that type of Potentials at 6'6" 225 and runs faster than any one we have now at 4.35...look at what the Patriots are doing Cowboys Fans they traded for a fast receiver from the Eagles in Greg Lewis and then signed Joey Galloway to add to a Randy Moss and both receivers are faster than anyone we have again, we need a real Deep threat and here we have one drop in our laps. we have to take him ....and besides he's an ex-Hog like Jerry ...Jerry and Stephen Jones SIGN MATT JONES

Leave the bum alone.....period

If I was Jerry I would probally take a long look at this guy. He likely have no more personal problems than most other NFL guys, but needs better coaching on how not to get caught. He has the physical attributes and could prove valuable if say Roy Williams goes down as a possession type of receiver.

no way''''''''''if the team is gonna do way with pac and co. no way bringing him in.

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