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March 13, 2009

No more foolishness

Look at who the Cowboys and have signed who the Cowboys have let go since in the end of the 2008 season and the message is clear: time is out for foolishness.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Wade Phillips both promised a more disciplined team in the immediate days following the most disappointing and underachieving season in franchise history.

They have put some bite in their bark with the departures of Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson and a hefty $22,000 fine to tight end Martellus Bennett for a profanity laced rap video.

Bennett is appealing the fine but the message has been sent. No more foolishiness, no more knucklehead activity, no more selfishness, no more mess.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Whwn are you folks going to get it? jerry is not going anywhere. Phillips is not my choice for head coach, but he isn't going anywhere this year. The free agent signings are done, let's see if they cn play. Agree that we do need young receiver with that below 4.4 speed. If one is available, we should get him. Reality check. Unless we move up specifically to get a receiver, none of those folks will be available. Just remember who pays the bills. I don't agree with a lot of the choices made, but as long as current mangement is in place, we get what we pay for.

The problem is the GM. He undermines the head coach, doesn't have the background to be a GM and puts gag orders on the coaching staff. By the way, isn't that gag order still in place?! Next up, Jerry picking up the phone to call his draft choices, further undermining the head coach. The corporate flow chart of the Cowboys is fatally flawed, and getting rid of T.O. and/or Phillips won't fix anything. We've seen it since Jimmy departed and Jerry took over. Change is required, all right, but it's not the change that has occurred to date. Expect more of the same next season and the next season...until Jerry hires a real GM and gets out of his way.

I hope these "Phillips Guys" coming in here to the Cowboys (Olshansky, Brooking, Sensabaugh...) are competitors with an on-field vicious streak besides being good citizens in the locker room and out in the community. Because if they have adopted Phillips easy going attitude on the field---helping opposing players up on their feet after knocking them down on the previous play, saying "sorry" after hitting somebody with a little love-tap, saying after losing an important divisional game, "gosh darn, we'll do better next week after I take a nap in the hay stack.", or, giving the cameras a stupid "Jethro Bodine" smile and saying after another loss, "We'll gettem' next time...anybody seen my moonshine and my 'ole hound dog?"...etc.---we're in trouble!

It's almost beginning to look like there's a plan - not only with the folks who are leaving, but with those who are coming. Olshansky, Brooking - do we call them "Phillips guys?"

Do you people have nothing better to do? Idiots...

Seems like a lot of Cowboys fans think either the team can do no wrong or it can do no right. Personally, I'm one of those guys Rush Limbaugh loves to hate - somewhere in the middle. I see the good and the bad in Jerry Jones' tenure with the Cowboys. Over the years he has brought in a few good coaches, some darn good players, and is building a pretty nice stadium. The flip side is that he consistently runs the good coaches off, turning a collection of talented individuals into an underachieving team.

Just think where this team could be going in 2009 with Scott Paoli in the front office, Bill Cowher as head coach, Todd Haley running the offense, and Wade Phillips running the defense. You have to start with a vision like that to make a real run at the Super Bowl.

well''well'' here we go again''i will admit' that this team needs some players that can ball'' but this team needs is some hart when they need it in crunch time'' in december''we can talk all day about who is a thug' because we no there is only a certain group of people that when that word is used'' jerry is a gamblin man''and he took a risk'' on these players and it did not pan out'' so i hope he just get players that want to be dallas cowboys and no long term contracts.

what the hell

i love this so called football people.been a cowboy fan for 31 years.so called cowboy fans are like wanna be fans. i am glad we got rid of owens and pacman.owens ran his mouth to much romo felt like he had to throw ball to owens.know we can spread the ball around to rb and te and wr .look at the 49ers era they ran the west coast.montana did not feel obligated to throw to just one person.if i remeber right they had a hell of receiver name jerry rice.then why go spend 42 million on canty all he is was a run stopper you can get those guys for a fair price.are defense will be fine we have spencer and ware.we can get pressure on the qb.then we signed igor that was a good signing and brooking there some leader ship there.so all you called cowboys fans stop the whinning and cowboy up

This article can't be serious. There's a safety on the Cowboy's with a rap sheet as long as all the members of the Cowboy's organization put together. Plus, he was recently arrested. No more foolishness, yea right!!!

Clarence you cannot be serious, or did Gerald Sensabaugh slip past you. Jerry ONLY dumped T.O, because people were calling for HIS head.

Threatening boycotts and no buying of Jerryworld tickets, so he did what ANY Democrat would do....throw someone else under bus namely T.O.

If you think Coach Clueless, NO WRs and a shaky defense can do anything, I got a sweet deal for you...for only your 401K I can get you The Lincoln Memorial and will deliver it giftwrapped.

Dallas 2009 7-9 will look like a Super Bowl

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