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March 02, 2009

Now What? Defensive End

Chris Canty's departure to the Giants shouldn't come as a huge shock, and on paper the Cowboys aren't going to miss him. His greatest strength was occupying offensive tackles away from DeMarcus Ware, which should not be overlooked, but Canty is never going to be a big numbers guy.
That said, he is a pro. He wasn't flashy, and he's probably never going to make a Pro Bowl, but he's a career eight-to-10 year NFLer, and those aren't easy to find.

This means Jason Hatcher and Stephen Bowen will get a shot to replace Canty. At least at first. Hatcher is going to have the inside shot at this; Bowen remains a guy who has to be considered a "find" because he came in as an undrafted player. Hatcher just completed his third season after he was a third round pick out of Grambling.

He came into the league as raw as sushi, and over the years he has improved his technique, etc. If he's going to prove he is a legit starter and either equal to or superior than Canty it's going to be now. Most players either get it by their fourth year or that's it.
The Cowboys like Hatcher as a pass rusher, but there is some question about his ability to play the run. He wants this shot, and now he'll get it.

- Mac Engel


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Simple rules should be followed in these circumstances. Dallas should have kept Canty by getting rid of Ellis, Carpenter, Spears (hopeless!!!), and SS Roy Williams. Canty is big and young and should never have been allowed to leave let alone to a divisional rival. Dallas could have added to the defensive core of Canty- Ware- Ratliff, through the draft and some cap friendly free agents looking to prove something. Coach Fatso does not have a clue and team management is hopeless. Why didn't Fatso stick up for Canty and suggest pineapple face Jones get rid of the players listed above to accomodate Canty in the cap???

Trade for Peppers! Trade that bust Bobby Carpenter,Greg Ellis and Patrick Clayton

Don't be surprise if hatcher becomes the beast the cowboy thought he was going to be when they drafted him back in 2006, out of grambling college. sometimes it take some players 4 years especially offensive and defensive linemen to mature into playing at the nfl level.

I say we go for a Ron Brace type, and move Ratliff back to where he should be playing.



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