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March 18, 2009

Romo and Williams playing catch

Roy Williams inherited the No. 1 receiver role when Terrell Owens was released. Now he is trying to play the role of quarterback Tony Romo's No. 1 buddy.

Romo and Williams have already started  daily thowing sessions. Its uknown how many times a week the two have been throwing. Williams still splits part of his time between Dallas and his hometown of Odessa.

But its often enough to get noticed according to one team member who observed them headed to the field with a bag of balls a number of times.

This is a good sign for Cowboys fans. Workouts don't begin until March 30. But these two along with the other receivers have been at it for a few weeks now.

Its most important for Williams and Romo to get on the same page. Their lack of chemistry and comfort is cited as a big reason for Williams' minimal impact after coming over in a trade with Detroit last season.

They need to develop a trust that Romo knows where Williams is going to be and that he is going to catch it even if he's covered.

That's the relationship a quarterback has to have with his go to receiver.

That's what Romo and Williams need to work on this offseason.

19 catches and one touchdown next year won't due. Short of a Pro Bowl season Williams needs at least 80 catches and 1,000 yards receiving and double digit touchdowns.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Excuse me, but mr bamboosaul what did Championships did the Mannings win before they won the big game. It AIN'T about individual people or stats, its about the team. If you are on a good one, you will win. If your on a bad team, you will loose. You mentioned Romo having a bad DNA, but I dont recall Manning Sr. Winning anthing either, but eventually his boys did finally. So all that is a wash I think. If the boys dont play hard nose defense, the O-Line play has to get better (the stunk) cause they are the ready Romo had to chuck and duck. A lot of his turn overs and magaical plays are the result of him not having any protection.

Won't due? You're a professional journalist, did you not major in Journalism or English?

Mr bam,

So how many championships in HS and College did Peyton Manning bring home? Answer -- also 0 (unless you're willing to count one year as the Eastern Division of the SEC as a 'championship'). So I guess it isn't in Manning's DNA either.

Neither did Eli Manning. (he was also one and done his first two times in the NFL playoffs).

This idea that because Romo didn't win a championship in HS or College that therefore he is incapable of winning one in the pros is just silly as Peyton Manning has proved (and it took him 5 seasons of playoff losses to do so).

i think that this offseason for romo is very important' because the cowboys need him' to put everything aside'' and even his lady' and just be football'because he has all the tools any quarterback could need'and the weapons in witten'barber'bennett'crayton'felix the cat'peoples choice'and austin' he can put up numbers better than he had a couple of years ago' he is a gun slinger'' but he needs to get rid of the int's and the fumbles' if he cuts those in half he will put himself in position for this teams first playoff win' and many big games to come.

romo has no built in execuses this season, it's all on him to bring home that elusive lombardi trophy, that hasn't been in dallas since 1996. but something tells me that romo will not deliver, it's not in his dna. just check his high school and college background, no championships. want makes everybody think a lepoard will change it spots now.

bye the way this site is awsome and so are the cowboys. da boys for life

way to go i know this is going to be a hard working offseason especially for romo and williams because of the way last season went. they will have a chip on their shoulders, as should the whole team and we get back felix jones can't wait until september

This is good to see. Maybe they will be able to buckle down and play as a solid unit on offense this year. Sure would be nice.



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