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March 19, 2009

Roy Williams has good workout with Bengals

Looks like former Cowboys safety Roy Williams made a good first impression on the Bengals.

Coach Marvin Lewis had this to say about Williams to the team's website on Thursday.

"He's a great football player and he's a wonderful guy," Lewis said. "I'm glad we got to know him and he got to know us. He'd be a good asset for us. You can never have too many players and this guy has been an outstanding player. He makes plays that win games."

And Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer who coached Williams to his greatest success in Dallas, said ther former Pro Bowler looked like the same player to him _ one who could cover as well as support the run.

"He was (a two-way safety) for me," Zimmer said. "He's out of shape like everybody this time of year, but he looked good.He looked athletic and strong."

Considering that Williams' problems in coverage were well chronicled his final few years in Dallas, time will tell if Zimmer was serious or just blowing smoke.

The proof will be in the form of contract and for how much. No deal has been struck as of yet.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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aren't you guys tired of reading about former players that this team got rid of for good reasons' he said he wanted out of dallas because he got blamed for his skillz'and did not like the 3-4 defense'so they gave him his wish' but for some reason'these writers need to focus on the players that are on this team' now! and for keith davis who this team wants back' he is just going from team to team' trying to find work and the cowboys are saying we love you'comeback and all he is doing is spiting in there faces'like he is to good for the boys' now'so if i am jerry just go and replace him also'if he do not want to comeback' lets move forward.

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