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March 16, 2009

The Way Back Machine: Draft Day 2006

Now that the Broncos have decided they hate Jay Cutler and Jay Cutler really hates the Broncos, it is a good time to re-visit the "can't-miss" draft class of QBs in 2006.
With the third pick, the Titans selected Vince Young of Texas.
USC quarterback Matt Leinart was selected with the 10th pick by the Cardinals.
And Cutler, of Vanderbilt, went to the Broncos with the 11th selection.
Here we are three seasons later, and it's been established every one of those teams doesn't like a single one of them.
The Titans like VY so much they continue to ride 56-year-old Kerry Collins. As much as Clarence E. Hill is going to hate this, VY is a great pro athlete. He's apparently not a great pro quarterback.
Leinart has made much such a favorable impression in Arizona the Cardinals continue to give Kurt Warner money. Of course, Warner did kinda lead them to the Super Bowl.
And now the Broncos, and their new coach Josh McDaniels, wanted Matt Cassel more than Cutler, who is requesting a trade.

Would you want any of these guys over Tony Romo?

- Mac Engel


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Cutler stinks, Romo has way better numbers. He has also only been a starter for two years. People need to relax and see what happens this year

cutler is on his way to become a detriot lion next season. until romo wins the fellowship of the rings. he will always be fiddo boggins.

Raulo, don't buy into the over-reacting, baseless media. The 'Boys have a big-time QB. There are only five of them in the NFL... Breese, Payton, Brady, Romo and Ben. Andrew is absolutely correct. FYI, to put it in perspective, Aikman had career passer rating of 81.6, Romo's is 91.4. Romo has exceeded Aikman's yards passing per season record and touchdowns per season record. Aikman had two seasons with 18 ints, two seasons with 14 ints, two seasons with 13 ints, and three seasons with 12 ints. Romo has had only one each, 19, 14 and 13.

Absolutely not. Tony Romo is one of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL and has given the Cowboys stability at a position where there was none after Troy Aikman retired. The only one of the three 2006 draft class QBs who is even in Romo's league is Jay Cutler, and I'd rather have Romo.

I don't understand the criticism of Romo displayed here. All the guy has done is light up the league right from the start like no other QB for the Cowboys ever, not Aikman, White, Staubach or Meredith. He has done that with a subpar line and running game that makes him a huge target for injury on a weekly basis. If we had a less talented QB, he would be injured constantly and have far fewer wins. Romo's biggest room for improvement is his fumbles. He needs to go down without fumbling. His INTs could come down, yet if he has 4TDs and 1INT, I am happy. Give us better line play and Felix all next year and watch Romo silence his critics.

I'd definitely trade the incredible shrinking Romo for Cutler. Cutler is going to be a big time quarterback. Romo is the most turnover prone quarterback I have ever seen.

I'd trade Romo for Cutler in a second...Romo is over-rated

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