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March 25, 2009

Ware's negotiations

The Cowboys' top priority this off-season was getting outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware signed to a long-term deal. Ware is entering the final season of his rookie deal.

Ware's price went up when the Washington Redskins signed defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to a record $41 million in guarantees.

"He's obviously a top defensive player and has played like one," Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said of Ware. "I'm sure [Ware and his agent] have got their eye on [Haynesworth's deal]."

-- Charean Williams


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8-11-15-20 sacks each year' he is young and fearless'' and if he stays healty will go down as one of the best alltime'' don't mess around jerry' 43 mill guaranteed'15.mill signing bonus 8 year deal'if not don't let it get to the end then try to sighn him, then snyder is knocking on his door' do the right thing jerry'.

Jones should give D.Ware atleast 30 million. He's been the shining star of the Dallas Cowboys defense since his professional career started. He's consistant, and consistancy is big, especially in the pros. Hook em up Jerry this athlete is a keeper.

Someone in the media should ask Stephen Jones if he has noticed the New Orleans Saints' use of completion bonuses as a loophole around the 30 Percent Rule and whether he would consider using a completion bonus for Ware in order to get around the rule and keep Ware's cap number as low as possible this season. Without using the loophole, Ware's cap number would have to be much higher because of the rule.

Wow, maybe you could, like, provide information about this that isn't known by every third grader in the Dallas area?

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