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March 11, 2009

Who fills in for Burnett?

While Kevin Burnett was not a starter, he was vital to the Cowboys defense. Burnett was a nickel linebacker who was solid in coverage and a consistent tackler. He always wanted to be a starter but Bill Parcells always believed he would be nothing more than a third-down linebacker. That's all he ever was in Dallas but now gets to compete for a starting job in San Diego.

So who fills in for Burnett? It sounds like it might be new veteran signee Keith Brooking. During an interview Tuesday on 105.3 FM, Jerry Jones said Brooking could be a three-down linebacker. That's not something they could get with Zach Thomas. But can Brooking be productive in that role at 33 in his 12th season?

- Rick Herrin


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what if he becomes a back up here in sandiego'' then is jerry still dumb' for letting him go'' these players wanted to leave the cowboys'' and all i read is about these players that dont want to be here'lets talk about the players that do'' i could care less'' about these players that all they were thinking about at the end of the season was how they are gonna get more money at the end of the season''canty'davis'burnett't.johnson't.o' good bye''it's time to get players that want to win a superbowl.

he had his chance to be here and be a starter'' we dont need him'' players want to leave the cowboys ''ok leave'' we should not have to read about these former players that wanted out of dallas so bad at the end of the season, this team needs young hungry players on this team. that want to win,another player is keith davis'you are a special team player'' not a STARTER''now that kansas city dont want him'he is stuck out looking in. so jerry get players that want to be here.


DeMarcus Ware is the best cover LB Dallas has. Of course he's also the best pass rushing LB Dallas has and when he's covering RB/TE out of the backfield he can't be rushing the passer.

Rick, very disappointing piece. Burnett, in my opinion, was the best cover linebacker the Cowboys had last year. The problem is, he has always been injured. It seemed like he has had a huge history of injuries and surgeries. Cowboys can't count on him to be on the field. That's why he is not a starter in the NFL.

Are you kidding? Bobby Carpenter? Watch the games, man... He should have been cut a long time ago. He is just another of Bill Parcells big, slow, goofy, useless players. He is always out of position, even in special teams. He is even slower than Roy Williams, the safety. At least Roy could tackle. I'll give him this... he is good at talking with media. Maybe he should just stick with that. The Cowboys need better linebackers in the middle.

I thought Brookings was a liability in coverage? They'll be throwing at him all year now.

What about Bobby Carpenter?!!? Give the kid a chance? You can't judge him from spot play. That's what's wrong with the Cowboys. You draft someone, you have to let them go through the growing pains of playing.

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