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March 25, 2009

Wildcat for Cowboys

The Wildcat likely is coming to the stadium near you. Jerry Jones said the Cowboys could draft a quarterback to use in the Wildcat, a formation made popular by the Miami Dolphins with running back Ronnie Brown taking the snap in the shotgun offense.

"We may want to do some things and our offense this year with a third quarterback," Jones said. "That's something other than be there as a backup to the second quarterback and be there in case you lose all the quarterbacks and be there not certainly as a development prospect, but we could hopefully find a quarterback with a set of skills that we could put some packages in for."

Jones added that third-year receiver Isaiah Stanback, a former quarterback at Washington, also could be used in a Wildcat formation.

The Cowboys have never used the Wildcat formation.

-- Charean Williams


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Drafting someone simply to run the Wildcat illustrates just how "Stupid" the GM is. First of all, they already have people on the roster who could do it (Stanback, Crayton, Felix Jones) if they really want to implement it. But to use a pick on a WC specialist is absurd. They need to draft the "best player available" and hopefully an NFL caliber QB for development. Romo isn't a youngster himself in football years since he's almost 30. I hope he's just talking, because if JJ wastes a pick this way we are closing in on 5-11 again.

We MUST be the ONLY team who's owner picks what offense and defensive scheme the team will use.

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