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March 17, 2009

Would Jerry go after Matt Jones?

Yes, if he had been simply released without any off-the-field issues -- no question. But since Matt Jones, the former Arkansas quarterback-turned-NFL-receiver, has been released after getting busted for cocaine possession and violating his plea agreement by drinking, there is no chance Jerry Jones makes this move (I think).

When it was speculated Matt Jones could be released last offseason the instant connection was Dallas and his Hog friends. I remember watching Cowboys practice at Valley Ranch at the time and vice president Stephen Jones walked off the field and was told Matt Jones could be released by Jacksonville. And boy, his eyes popped open and ears perked with interest. Those were just rumors at the time.

Now, it's a reality. But Jerry can't afford another player with substance issues. Been burned too many times already. Has that been said before?

- Rick Herrin 


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i think jones should get matt jones cuz he seem pretty good and romoneeds more then 1 wr then roy williams

nexy year i think jones should get tim tebow for quarterback and move tony romo to 2nd string

Still kind of wondering about this persistent "Jerry signs all Arkansas players whenever they are available" idea. Where does it come from since Jerry has signed I think 2 Arkansas players in the 2o years he's owned the team (Felix Jones included).

I guess it just sounds good so media bleat it repeatedly, just like the knee jerk idea that Dallas is interested in signing ANY player that becomes a free agent.


What on earth would we want an under achieving, coke head, pseudo WR for?

Man, you would certainly hope that Jerry has learned a lesson when it comes to disruptive and unreliable players.

You would hope, but one can only wait and see if he has.



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