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March 04, 2009

Would you start Felix Jones over The Barbarian?

Felixpackers Think about it. Assuming Felix Jones is back to full strength (after toe surgery), what about starting him and moving Marion Barber back to his former closer's role?

This question was posed to Jerry Jones recently by CBS 11's Steve Dennis in a one-on-one interview. Start Felix and you immediately come out with speed, finesse and home-run possbilities. Take a lead in the game or start to wear down a defense, then you pound Barber. It make better sense for Barber's strengths, but remember what this guy is getting paid -- last offseason he signed a 7-year, $45 million with $16 million in guaranteed money.

But also look at the facts. He had never been injured in the job-share role with Julius Jones. He becomes the featured back in 2008 and he's injured twice (ribs/toe) and missed one game and was totally ineffective down the stretch with the toe problem. Also, he posted his lowest career yards-per-carry at 3.7 this season.

Here's Jerry's answer to whether there is a possibility Felix could become the starter.

"I think this. It's a legitimate question because that's where Barber began and that's where he had tremendous impact on the success of our team. Really not behind behind Felix Jones or right behind Julius Jones, but using his skills when the defenses are worn down a little bit because of how physical he is. So that early going there's a chance you might ought to look at finesse or you might ought to look at speed. That's very legitimate. But to say that Marion Barber is not going to be involved or have the carries that we all think he would is not an issue at all. It's a question of the timing of those carries and when it will help us better win games."

First-half Felix, second-half Barber? How about Flash and Bash?

- Rick Herrin


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Choice is the only one that looks like a starter...jones is 3rd down, subs, and slot...Barber finishes...

Well, well. Jerrah finally makes some sense. Allbeit a planted idea, but nonetheless, a very good approach to the RB situation. Felix showed far too much potential to limit him to less than 10 touches a game. With regards to Marion, sometimes recognizing what you are not is more important than trying to find out what you are. He is a basher that is best suited for goal-line punch-in's and closing out games when the opponent defenses are tired of battling our road-paver O-line.

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