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April 26, 2009

Another Linebacker? Really? That's What This Team Needs?

It's not quite the same as the Lions drafting a wide receiver in the first round for five straight years or however long, but the Cowboys really have the market cornered on drafting linebackers.
Since 2005, the Cowboys have spent their first draft pick on a linebacker now four times:

2005: DeMarcus Ware, 11th pick (kinda worked out)
2006: Bobby Carpenter, 18th pick (kind of a bust)
2007: Anthony Spencer, 26th pick (improving but still unknown)
2009: Jason Williams 69th pick (who knows?)

- Mac Engel


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Dallas should have drafted four (4) defensive backs, two (2) wide receivers, two (2) offensive linemen, two (2) defensive ends, one (1) defensive tackle and one (1) outside lB. That's it.

First year Bill implemented the 3-4, he said you MUST draft linebackers every year to make it work. Case in point, Pittsburgh and New England. Think they complain when they draft another lb?

Mac, DeMarcus Ware kind of worked out? Your out of your mind. I would say that the player a lot of people thought of as the defensive player of the year and was very near to breaking the all time sack record is better than "kind of worked out". Have not read a lot of stuff,but I question your knowledge and talent evaluation of DeMarcus Ware.

Bob Nelson

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