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April 27, 2009

Bobby Carpenter Has a Shot ... Really. Honest.

With the Cowboys having selected another supply of linebackers it appears that former first round pick Bobby Carpenter will be kicked to the curb soon.
Not so.
At least not if you believe coach Wade Phillips. Phillips has told Carpenter that it's a clean slate.
Carpenter will be given the chance to win Kevin Burnett's backup inside linebacker job, at least.
"That’s Bobby’s opportunity to step in because he’s that kind of athlete. We’ve challenged him to do that," Phillips said. "I think it’s finding his niche and going from there. It may be us not giving him enough opportunity. I told him that. It’s a new year this year. I wipe the slate blank. I said, 'Hey, whatever you can do and do really well I’m going to try to recognize that. If you show me you can do things to help us I’m going to get you in there.' He’s a worker. He’s going to work at it and give him every opportunity to be the player he thinks he is."
Right now, Carpenter will be trying for time behind expected starter Keith Brooking. Brooking has been a three-down linebacker before, and if he's the best player the Cowboys won't take him off the field. But there does appear to be an emphasis to at least give Carpenter an extended look, and try to create situations where Brooking doesn't have to play every down.
Said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, "I think you’ve got to put Bobby Carpenter on the field with his style of play. He runs good. He’s great lateral. You’ve got to maximize what he does best. He does a lot of good things. If he gets in the game he participates in some plays. I think we’ve got a good read and a good feel for his style of play. I’ve had it said he might have been more effective in a 4-3 because of his range and mobility. What we’re doing right now gives him a great chanceto play. I think this will be a good opportunity for him. It’s not a question you need to see something now or else. I have a feeling we know exactly what we’re going to see. My personal feeling is visiting with our staff and Wade it can be productive for us."

- Mac Engel 


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I think Bobby Carpenter needs to be seriously looking for a trade or release and try and get with a team that doesn't have a solid run defense...like Detroit or Denver, he needs to be trying to get this done while he's still young enough to compete against the kids steadily being drafted out of College

He is a bust no matter how you slice this piece of pie. The worst part is that he is a 1st round bust... He may just excel for another team in the 4-3, but obviously he hasn't here.

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