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April 14, 2009

Cowboys should start fast

The NFL didn't do the Cowboys any favors with a brutal season ending stretch that includes three of the final five on the road.

But the Cowboys got a break early in the season with four of their first seven games against teams breaking in new coaches in Tampa Bay, Denver, Kansas City and Seattle.

Never mind that the first three are on the road, those should be four wins. Add in a win or two in their first three homes games at the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington against the Giants, Panthers and the Falcons and the Cowboys should start fast.

If so, another late season collapse will be devastating.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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as long as coach cupcake is at the helm the cowboys will be underachievers. it's not in romo's dna to be a leader. parcell would have notice it if romo had the leaderhip trait. parcell would not have had to rely on testerverde and bledsoe both who was pass their prime when quarterbacking the cowboys in '04/'05 an part of '06.

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Brent, Romo is 4-1 against the Giants. Who can't beat whom again? Think before you speak.

The giants have to much depth for the boys to have a chance in beating them. The giants are to phisycal for the boys. Romo is also a turnover machine.

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