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April 26, 2009

Good Seats Still Available

It's not the Cowboys fault the economy is in the toilet, but it is kind of funny that the team is having to run commercials trying to sell seats to their new stadium.
The first-year of a stadium is usually a slam dunk for sellouts, but the combination of high prices and a bad economy has made for a tough sell.

- Mac Engel


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I got my seats. 5 of them. Paid $4000 PSL for one seat and the other 4 had no PSL. I'm ready for the season!!!

I'm not surprised by the seats not selling.Factor in the price and a team that fails to meet expectations on the field.This draft is a prime example of a failure to put a good product out there.Draft impact players,players that can start producing and maybe you wouldn't spend money on ads,instead spend on players that can come in and push these chronic blunder achievers to be better ie a little position competition??

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