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April 14, 2009

No Joy in Mudville or Dallas.

The Cowboys have their marching orders. T.O. is gone. The season of no excuses has been set. Hate to break the bad news but their will be no joy in Mudville again. The Cowboys will collapse as usual in December and January and finish 9-7. They will go 1-4 down the stretch, solidifying another year without a playoff win.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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as long as coach cupcake is in charge of this group of underachievers, the cowboys will uphold the tradition that started back in january 1997, no playoff wins and no lombardi trophy to show for their efforts. romo tendencies to play like an undrafted free agent in the months of december and january will continue. until jerry(p.t. bartum), steps aside an allow a coach to coach this team, p.t. bartum will continue to laugh all the way to the bank like he has for the past 13 years. jerry will continue to seduce cowboy fans to drink the kool-aid and will make excuses for not providing a quality product to the rose-colored glasses of cowboy fans. you have to admit jerry learn a lot from tex schramm.

I agree with Scott!

New season and so many variables, I'm not sure what Mr. Hill bases his predictions on at this time of the year.

Either way, I can't wait for the season to begin. I want the Cowboys to be successful as well. But, if the Cowboys go 1-15 or 15-1, I'm still going to root for them, albeit with a losing record one can only look forward to the coaching changes and following years draft.

As to no excuses - no one likes them, but we all know that sometimes things happen that are out of players control, injuries for example.

I love how you so-called experts can predict this season without having first evaluated the draft, training camp and the pre-season. I think with the return of Felix Jones and a better defensive secondary, the Cowboys will be better suited to win games utilizing all three phases of the game. This team will absolutely have to win low scoring games i.e., 17-13 and 10-6. There are still a few holes to fill (as do other teams in our division) so lets see whats happens before we condemn this team to another horrible December. We know what will happen if that happens. I want this team to be succesful.

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