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April 26, 2009

Stephen McGee ... wow

Aggie fans may not have been a big fan of their offense over the past few years, but the Cowboys now have the Stephen McGee-to-Martellus Bennett combination on their roster.
The Cowboys were expected to take a quarterback in this draft, but McGee is a bit of a surprise.

- Mac Engel


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these picks stink. all we ever do is trade down (i understand we gave up a lot of our early picks to get Roy Willy II and other players each year). there's no benefit in compiling a bunch of crappy extra picks to throw darts at. take the slot you have and pick a good player. there were plenty of high upside players we could gamble on and we always pick specialized or useless players. McGee is a prime example. No, it wasn't a surprise, but drafting a player exclusively to use this dumb Wildcat formation? We already have Stanback to do that on the roster! Hell you could even throw Felix Jones back there as a RB option pass. It's the same thing! wasting a draft pick on a player for this is criminal. Then again, it's just another typical Jerreh/GM failure of a draft. Nothing new there.

Really? You were surprised by the pick? You do follow the Cowboys right? Every other media outlet had reports that the Cowboys loved Mcgee. Where were you?

Did we just trade another pick? I thought we were up on the 4th round, 18th, 118?

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