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April 26, 2009

There is a reason there is so little Cowboys talk right now

The first two picks by the Cowboys have generated very little coversation from the talking heads for a pretty basic reason - no one knows very much about Western Illinois linebacker Jason Williams or Ball State tackle Robert Brewster. Doesn't mean they are bad players, but mid-round picks from a Division I-AA school or a Mid American Conference school usually don't merit a lot of pre-draft research so the TVs of the world don't know a lot just yet.

- Mac Engel


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So far with the exception of Mcgee it looks as if Coach Jones is drafting for continued mediochrity.With the potential for an impact second day the Coach Jones is stocking up on third stringers.

I sure as hell hope Jerry and Tom C know what they are doing in this years draft. Where is the speed receiver that they need if Austin gets hurt ? Where is the free safety ? I liked Rashaad of Alambama a lot at safety and was ranked as the 5th best player on the draft board when dallas made their first pick in the 3rd round yet they picked the 13th best OLB on the board. I don't understand, but hopefully I just don't know what the hell to look for.

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