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April 29, 2009

Ware Speaks the Truth

One of the other items DeMarcus Ware talked about today was this idea that the Cowboys are Super Bowl favorites, despite the fact they have had no playoff success to support such claims.
“Every year people think we’re the Super Bowl team. We haven’t won a Super Bowl or playoff game yet,” Ware said. “At the end of the day you can put a team on a high pedestal but you have to earn that. I feel like we haven’t earned that. We have the guys to get there but we have to get there before people start putting us up there.”

- Mac Engel


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Ware should what??? And play football? Didn't his "football" satisfy you last year? So typical. Tired of hearing all the pessimism; especially from "OUR MEDIA"; ... then there's fans like you. "Ware should shut his mouth?". Are you a Philly fan intruding on Cowboy's website?

Yes Erik, you know your literature. I guess, to be fair, Jonathan Swift Somers III and Cordwainer Bird should get their pockets emptied too.

Ware should shut his mouth and play football. Isn't that what the Star Telegram would say every time T.O. said anything that was "the truth"?

Fictional sci-fi book writers... you mean like Kilgore Trout?

WOW GREAT IDEA Jo, WHAT AN ORIGINAL IDEA (sarcism). But to be fair, let's cut the pay of actors, rock stars, rap stars, fictional sci-fi book writers, interior designers, and other artists, etc. I guess they all make too much money too. Ware is a high quality player who I am glad to see get paid. I did not hear you cry about T.O.'s salary.

Can't we have spend all this money on something really important like I don't know ...children Education! I'm just saying Our kid's future just seems to be more important then football players. I don't know maybe that's just me talking crazy talk.

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