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April 26, 2009

Why Not Jason Phillips?

The Cowboys decision to select Western Illinois linebacker Jason Williams does address a future need, but a more immediate future need at the position exists.
The Cowboys need a linebacker now, but more of the inside variety. They lost Kevin Burnett in free agency, and right now veteran free agent signee Keith Brooking is at best a short-term solution in the middle next to Bradie James. TCU inside linebacker Jason Phillips may have been, or still could be, a solution.
Williams, however, does still fill a need on the outside.
Linebacker Greg Ellis has one more year with the Cowboys, at most. Anthony Spencer is still well thought of, but he hasn't had a real breakthrough just yet.
The Cowboys wanted a backup who can develop into a full-time player, and Williams would fit that category.

- Mac Engel



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All will unfold in game one at Tampa Bay. I fear that Romo will face a vicious pass rush and season threatening injury. Tampa Bay players will be ultra keen to impress their new coach. Bob Kitna will assume the quartering backing duties and Dallas will be well on its way to a 4-12 season. In short Dallas will face an immediate crisis, largely born in a horrible offseason of poor coaching and mismanagement. Spears, Carpenter, Hamlin, Proctor, Ellis et al should all have been dismissed. And what is the point of drafting another TE and another kicker???

jerry specifically said that Williams role would/could be that of Kevin Burnett

Hey Mac Im wondering the same thing"Why not Jason Phillips"is it the fact Coach Jerry might have to pay STARTER MONEY instead of back-up pay?

Jason williams western illinois-NEWS!!!
Jason williams western illinois

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